Organics Wednesday 27 May 2020
27 May 2020

Cheshire IVC facility operational

Biowise has confirmed that its new In-Vessel Composting (IVC) facility with capacity to process up to 75,000 tonnes of organic waste per year is now operational. The facility was built as part of Biowise’s contract with Cheshire...


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25 March 2020

Defra works on cross-sector approach to pandemic


Trade associations and Defra have been discussing a cross-sector approach to handling waste management in the light of the current coronavirus crisis. A call for everyone within the industry to work together is expected to be made...

20 March 2020

Scotland organics procurement process underway


A procurement process worth £48 million to treat the 32 Scottish local authorities’ organic waste is being undertaken by Scotland Excel. First awarded in April 2013, the framework run by Scotland Excel (the country’s local ...

19 March 2020

Manchester hopes to improve recycling rates at HWRCs


The introduction of initiatives to collect carpets and mattresses for recycling and an increase in staff from December 2019 should help household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) in Manchester improve their recycling rates, according to a ...

11 March 2020

Plastic alternatives ‘not the answer’


The head of circular economy at Defra warned yesterday (10 March) that switching to biodegradable plastics is not the answer to reducing the UK’s reliance on single-use plastic packaging. Maya de Souza said such a shift would ...

6 March 2020

Suez signs up to Food Waste Reduction Roadmap


 Suez Recycling and Recovery UK has signed up to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, an initiative aiming to get businesses to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. Managed by sustainability charity WRAP and research and training ...

5 March 2020

Organics make up 38% of household waste, study says


Organics account for more than a third of collected household residual and recycled waste in the UK by weight, according to research undertaken by consultancy firm Eunomia on behalf of WRAP. The study exploring the composition of ...

19 February 2020

Merseyside councils to vote on food collections


Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) is to put the decision on a Liverpool-wide food waste collection service to the city’s district waste collection authorities. Options for the adoption of a weekly food waste ...

17 February 2020

Keenan and Suez agree Aberdeen extension


Keenan Recycling has agreed a five-year extension to its contract with Suez to treat Aberdeen’s household garden and food waste. Suez has been in partnership with the Aberdeen-based organic waste recycling company since 2002...

14 February 2020

Defra calls out public’s food waste ‘denial’


Concerns have been expressed by a Defra representative about a supposedly high level of 'denial' amongst the public regarding the issue of food waste. Nicola Hopley, food waste team leader at the department, was speaking on a ...

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