Organics Thursday 21 February 2019
14 February 2019

Targets ‘unachievable’ without non-household waste

England will not reach a 65% municipal recycling target without an increase in the recycling of waste from non-household sources. That’s according to Claire Shrewsbury, head of government and communities at resources charity ...


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11 December 2018

Strategy ‘will require’ separate food waste collection


EXCLUSIVE: Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy will require separate food waste collections. That was the announcement today from Graham Stuart, minister for investment at the Department for International Trade who was the ...

11 December 2018

ReFood calls for uniform collections


ReFood is calling on district councils to implement uniform recycling collections in 2019, including separate ones for food waste, after proposals were rejected by the Local Government Association (LGA) earlier this year. “The ...

23 November 2018

Calls grow for ‘fast-tracked’ food waste collections


The UK’s trade body for anaerobic digestion (AD) has joined a coalition made up of retailers, charities and local authorities that have called on the government to "fast-track" the roll out of separate food waste collections in the UK. 

21 November 2018

Keenan Recycling enters English market


Scottish organic waste management company, Keenan Recycling, has announced plans to enter the English market by offering food waste collections to businesses across the North East. The Scottish-based company announced the plans ...

22 October 2018

Severn Trent secures permit for Derby AD plant


Severn Trent Green Power has been granted an environmental permit for a food waste anaerobic digestion facility in Derby – designed to process up to 48,500 tonnes of food waste per year. The site is located on land within the ...

1 October 2018

Gove signals boost for waste sector investment


Environment secretary Michael Gove has signalled that the government could implement measures to encourage investment in waste management technologies in its forthcoming waste strategy – news which has been long-awaited by the sector.

25 September 2018

Co-op to roll-out compostable carrier bags


The Co-op has announced its plans to roll-out single use compostable carrier bags to almost 1,400 of its food stores. The retailer explained that after the bags are used to carry shopping, they can then be reused as food waste ...

20 September 2018

Compost quality ‘to improve’ with PAS 100 revisions


Revisions to make the compost quality standard – PAS 100 – “more robust” came into effect yesterday (19 September). Changes to the standard include a new clause to make clear the existing requirements for compost producers...

14 September 2018

North Yorks councils face cuts to recycling credits


District and borough councils in North Yorkshire may look to increase the charge for their garden waste collections due to changes in the way the county council issues recycling credits. Last week, North Yorkshire county council ...

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