Opinions Thursday 21 February 2019
Jacob Hayler 31 January 2019

OPINION: Getting the Resources & Waste Strategy right

OPINION: Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services Association, outlines some of the key areas for debate from the government's Resources and Waste Strategy. The Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS) is ...


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7 March 2018

Northampton and commingling: ‘A sustainable view’


John S Glover, managing director of London-based waste and recycling company, Bywaters, responds to the recent opinion from Simon Weston, director of raw materials at the Confederation of Paper Industries, concerning Northampton's decision to ...

5 March 2018

Can London look abroad for inspiration?


Gev Eduljee, non-executive director at Resource Futures, gives his views on recycling rates in urban areas, and assesses whether London can look abroad for inspiration.  OPINION: England’s annual household/municipal waste ...

28 February 2018

What’s best for low grade plastics?


Keith Freegard, director of plastics recycler Axion Polymers, discusses the future of low grade plastics in light of China's National Sword scrap import policies. OPINION: China’s crackdown on imports of ...

26 February 2018

‘Northampton BC: Cobblers to high quality recycling’


Simon Weston, Director of Raw Materials at the Confederation of Paper Industries, gives his view on the award of a commingling contract to Veolia by Northampton Borough Council. OPINION: Having read the recent

21 February 2018

How councils can deliver a more joined-up service 


OPINION: Steve White, ‎software business development manager at software and technology firm Yotta, discusses challenges facing local authority waste services, and solutions to missed bin collections. Waste and ...

14 February 2018

The road to regulation


Philip McGlade, senior technical engineer at CDEnviro, who manufacture landfill diversion equipment, discusses how legislation is set to further change how we view waste. OPINION: It seems that everywhere you turn at the moment ...

31 January 2018

‘Practical steps’ key to resource strategy


Dan Cooke, director of regulatory affairs at the resources and waste firm Viridor offers his view on the government’s 25-Year Environment Plan and the commitment to publish a new Resources and Waste strategy in 2018. A focus on practical ...

29 January 2018

A need for commercial waste infrastructure


David Coleman of HSM calls for a better UK infrastructure in commercial waste recycling, particularly in providing environmental technology. As most of us will know, when it comes to comparing different nations’ recycling performances, ...

19 January 2018

Managing subcontractors well


Following the recent webinar on letsrecycle.com, Morgan Lynch, Global Head of Digital Engagement for AMCS, looks at some of the common challenges in managing a network of sub-contractors and the latest solutions designed to tackle these head on...