Opinions Sunday 8 December 2019
6 December 2019

Procuring during times of uncertainty

OPINION: Dr Adam Read, external affairs director at Suez, discusses the difficulties local authorities face in procuring in uncertain times, following on from a webinar held on the matter last month.


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1 May 2019

Local elections: Impact on local services


OPINION: Paul Taylor, chief executive of FCC Environment, looks ahead to the forthcoming local government elections and the impact these could have on waste services and national policy. The ...

Jacob Hayler 25 April 2019

Theory will need to be turned into action, but with great care


OPINION: Environmental Services Association executive director Jacob Hayler reflects on some of the discussion around the government's Resources and Waste Strategy consultations. It’s been a busy last few weeks where I and ...

15 April 2019

The Value of Challenge


OPINION: Robin Davies, Business Development Director at Serco Environmental Services, takes a look at the role of competition in relation to local authority waste and recycling contracts. The ...

3 April 2019

The Strategy is out – so what next for Industry


OPINION: The Resources & Waste Strategy is out for consultation – so what is next for the industry? Paul Taylor, chief executive of FCC Environment takes a look at how recycling and waste management topics could develop in light of the ...

25 March 2019

Bracing ourselves for the Brexit fallout


OPINION: Brian Gist, head of TOMRA Sorting UK, shares his views on the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s waste and recycling sector. Michael Gove comes in for a great deal of flack, but he and his department ...

18 March 2019

‘Environmental change without enforcement won’t balance’


OPINION: Anthony Sant, AO Business UK managing director, shares his thoughts on regulation and enforcement in the waste management sector. Modern communications technology now means a message can travel around the world ...

15 March 2019

‘Reassessing responsibility for waste’


OPINION: David Newman, special advisor on the circular economy for AI firm Ditto Sustainability and former President of the International Soild Waste Association, gives his views on the Resource and Waste Strategy. In December, ...

Jacob Hayler 8 March 2019

Critical dilemmas in the Resources and Waste Strategy debate


OPINION: Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services Association (ESA) picks out some of the key areas for discussion from the government's Resources and Waste Strategy. Like London Buses you wait for ages and ...

28 February 2019

Waste management and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


OPINION: Brian Mayne, regional director for Wales, Resource Efficiency & Waste Management, Ricardo looks at the opportunities for enhanced AI, improved data capture and other technological advances to benefit the waste management industry...