Opinions Thursday 28 May 2020
20 May 2020

Retaining the appreciation for waste services

Councillor Paul Prescott, cabinet member for environmental services at Wigan Council, looks at the challenges the council's waste team has faced during the pandemic and the ...


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15 August 2019

Opinion: ‘It’s time to get your head in the cloud’


The waste sector can be disrupted by nimble businesses using technology with industry needing to prepare and react through good use of IT, says Mark Abbas – CMO & director of business development at AMCS Group.

29 July 2019

Labelling, recycling and OPRL


OPINION:  Packaging commentator Tony Hancock, from the Dumfriesshire-based 'Independent Packaging, Environment and Safety Forum, gives his thoughts on the OPRL's - On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd - plans for a review of labelling rules.

19 July 2019

Levelling the playing field in plastics recycling


OPINION: Steven Walsh, sales engineer at sorting technology specialist TOMRA Sorting UK discusses how amending a disparity in how PRNs and their export equivalent, PERNs, are claimed could result in a boost in investment in recycling in the UK.

15 July 2019

A packaging compliance fee – creating a mechanism to please all


OPINION: With increased debate about the achievability of packaging targets, Robbie Staniforth, head of policy at Ecosurety, argues that the government can play an enhanced role in ensuring a compliance fee is only used when and where it is ...

11 July 2019

Industry must act now to reduce the injury rate of refuse collectors


Joseph Doherty, managing Director of Re-Gen Waste, welcomes the latest report findings by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), which analyses manual handling risks to workers collecting household recycling. The HSE Report ...

1 July 2019

Biffa judgment raises ‘more questions than answers’


In the wake of the guilty verdict last week relating to the export of mixed paper to China by Biffa, Simon Ellin, chief executive of the Recycling Association reasons that the case raises a number of questions.

28 June 2019

War on Plastic: the time for transparency has come


OPINION: With the BBC's Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's War on Waste programme attracting high audiences and developing the message of the need to reduce reliance on plastics, Sam Reeve, CEO, Resource Futures argues that more transparency is needed...

17 June 2019

WRAP: Listening and responding over consistency


While the Consistency and other consultations have closed, discussions continue on how the ideas contained in these could impact on local authorities. Peter Maddox, Director at WRAP reflects on the benefits that should arise ...

13 June 2019

The unintended consequence of good intention


With consultations closed around the Resources and Waste Strategy, Paul Van Danzig, policy director of the Wastepack Group, offers his thoughts on the issues involved. OPINION: I...