Opinions Friday 19 April 2019
15 April 2019

The Value of Challenge

OPINION: Robin Davies, Business Development Director at Serco Environmental Services, takes a look at the role of competition in relation to local authority waste and recycling contracts. The ...


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17 August 2018

Going Circular with the 4th Industrial Revolution


OPINION: Dan Botterill, CEO of AI consultancy firm Ditto Sustainability, explains how Artificial intelligence (AI) can help towards achieving a more circular economy. The 4th Industrial revolution conjures imagery of all kinds of...

10 August 2018

Product legislation or EPR – the jury is still out


OPINION: Robbie Staniforth, policy manager at Ecosurety, responds the recent call for a packaging product directive. As Gev Eduljee recently reflected, The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations have been rather low-...

27 July 2018

‘No evidence’ to merge PRNs with design


Gev Eduljee, non-executive director at Resource Futures, reflects on the recent National Audit Office report on PRNs and asks why the Packaging Essential Requirements covering design, weren't properly taken into account by the NAO.

17 July 2018

Opinion: Time for direct action on food waste


Last week (9 July), the National Infrastructure Commission released its Infrastructure Assessment report which positioned food waste recycling as a key driver to achieving a low-carbon, low-cost future. Philip Simpson, commercial director at ...

22 June 2018

Managing waste from hydro excavation


OPINION: Fergal Campbell from CDEnviro discusses a positive solution for managing mud waste during hydro excavation, reducing the burden on drilling operators. Unlike countries such as the US and Australia, the UK has not fully ...

20 June 2018

Organics: Quality, Quality, Quality


OPINION: Jeremy Jacobs, technical director of the Renewable Energy Association (REA), pushes the quality message. You will have heard the Organics Recycling Group (ORG) of the REA beat this drum many times in the past, but there ...

14 June 2018

Conquering WEEE’s Everest


 Anthony Sant, sales and marketing director for AO Recycling, offers his reflections on the WEEE Conference 2018. I have attended and spoken at the WEEE Conference for a number of years now. While it’s always something I am ...

11 June 2018

Spotting the signs of modern slavery


OPINION: Roger Bannister, chief executive of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) explains how to spot the signs of modern slavery. Spotting the signs of modern slavery and labour exploitation in the workplace is no ...

8 June 2018

Where is the missing WEEE?


OPINION: With the Q1 WEEE statistics showing a fall in the amount of WEEE collected, Justin Greenaway, commercial manager at WEEE recycling company SWEEEP Kuusakoski, explains his views on the gap between electrical goods placed on the market ...