Opinions Wednesday 17 July 2019
15 July 2019

A packaging compliance fee – creating a mechanism to please all

OPINION: With increased debate about the achievability of packaging targets, Robbie Staniforth, head of policy at Ecosurety, argues that the government can play an enhanced role in ensuring a compliance fee is only used when and where it is ...


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26 February 2019

A circular approach to plastics


OPINION: Stuart Foster, chief executive of the plastics recycling organisation Recoup discusses some of the steps needed to encourage a circular economy for plastic packaging. In the wake of recent documentaries about plastic ...

25 February 2019

A climate of change


OPINION: Julie Fourcade, head of external affairs at the waste and resource management company FCC Environment writes about the opportunity presented within the Resources and Waste Strategy, and the case for action to address climate change...

21 February 2019

Filling the gap: Impact of the Resources and Waste Strategy


OPINION: Chris Jonas, director of consultancy firm Tolvik, looks at some of the potential implications of policies set out in the Resources and Waste Strategy. When Defra issued the Resources and Waste Strategy last December...

Jacob Hayler 31 January 2019

OPINION: Getting the Resources & Waste Strategy right


OPINION: Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services Association, outlines some of the key areas for debate from the government's Resources and Waste Strategy. The Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS) is ...

18 January 2019

Is Defra sweeping residual waste under the carpet?


Libby Forrest, policy & parliamentary affairs officer at the Environmental Services Association, looks at what the Resources & Waste Strategy tells us about future energy from waste capacity needs and investment. It is ...

15 January 2019

Reflections on the Resources & Waste Strategy


Jeff Rhodes, head of environment & external affairs at Biffa dives into some of the detail and debate from the government's Resources & Waste Strategy. As the dust settles after publication of the long-awaited Resources &...

2023 24 December 2018

Our Waste, Our Resources – My Reflections


In the wake of the government's publication of the Resources and Waste Strategy, Dr Adam D. Read, external affairs director, SUEZ SUEZ recycling and recovery UK reflects on the Strategy - and Christmas. ...

18 December 2018

Resources and Waste Strategy: A major step forward, with lots to do


Dr Marcus Gover, chief executive of resources charity WRAP - previous the Waste & Resources Action Programme - which advises government on waste and recycling and also implements some actions, gives his thoughts on the newly published Resources ...

14 December 2018

100 Days until Brexit: What next for environmental policy?


With the Brexit date now almost 100 days away, Paul Taylor, CEO at FCC Environment gives his thoughts on what some of the impacts might be as well as what is happening now. On 19th December, the UK's exit from the EU ...