Opinions Tuesday 21 May 2019
20 May 2019

‘Don’t knock the house down over PRNs’

With an array of consultations in over packaging and related topics, Angus Macpherson, managing director of the Environment Exchange argues that the PRNs system has not yet run its course. ...


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14 December 2018

100 Days until Brexit: What next for environmental policy?


With the Brexit date now almost 100 days away, Paul Taylor, CEO at FCC Environment gives his thoughts on what some of the impacts might be as well as what is happening now. On 19th December, the UK's exit from the EU ...

5 December 2018

OPINION: PRN reform and the Resources and Waste Strategy


OPINION: What does the UK’s recycling sector need from the hotly anticipated R&W Strategy? James Piper, managing director of recycling compliance scheme Ecosurety outlines some of the areas he is hoping to see addressed. In ...

22 November 2018

OPINION: Protecting your company assets


OPINION: Insurance broker Miles Smith’s chief executive, Paul Chainey, reasons why ‘Environmental Impairment Liability’ is vital for today’s waste management and recycling sector. With the multiple fires ...

31 October 2018

OPINION: Why do we rely on weight-based recycling targets?


OPINION: Reporting recycling rates in tonnes collected can be misleading, because not all material collected for recycling is suitable to actually be recycled. An alternative approach to measurements will actually ...

29 October 2018

Opinion: Dealing with market changes


OPINION: Waste and recycling expert, Paul Dumpleton, director of CSD Ltd reflects on changes in overseas recycling markets. The recent changes in the Asian market should come as no surprise as there have been a progression of ...

23 October 2018

Opinion: The state of our industry


OPINION: 'The state of our industry... why we are where we are', by John S Glover of Bywaters. Where are we as I write this? Because of the unknown certainties in the current world everything may change on a month to ...

2 October 2018

Tackling plastic waste at the source


OPINION: Jeff Rhodes, head of environment & external affairs at Biffa, reflects on policy drivers for increasing plastic waste recycling and the forthcoming resources and waste strategy, in light of discussions at the Conservative Party ...

19 September 2018

‘Getting the balance right’


OPINION: In the wake of recent mentions of waste policy in Westminster, Stuart Hayward-Higham, technical development director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, reflects on the need for careful thinking and alignment in the forthcoming ...

11 September 2018

‘Recyclers should learn from the logistics sector’


OPINION: A right turn for recycling.  It’s time we learnt from the logistics sector if we want a recycling industry that works for business and the environment, argues Anthony Sant of AO Recycling. In business, most companies ...