Legislation Thursday 19 September 2019
11 September 2019

Villiers offers reassurance over Environment Bill

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers has underlined the importance of passing the Environment Bill and pledged to carry on much of the work of her predecessor Michael Gove. Ms Villiers made the comments as she was questioned by ...


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31 July 2019

Wales to consult on separate collection changes


The Welsh Government is to consult this year on requirements for businesses to segregate plastic, metal, glass and paper waste for recycling. The measure was first mooted in the Welsh Government’s Environment (Wales) Act, which ...

30 July 2019

£150 per tonne packaging tax recommended


A plastic packaging tax should be set at £150 per tonne to drive growth in the use of recycled polymers in new products, according to a white paper produced by Imperial College London and Veolia. The report suggests that this...

26 July 2019

Environment Secretary opens door to policy discussion


The newly appointed Environment Secretary, Theresa Villiers, looks to have opened the door for engagement with the sector over key policy work, including the Resources and Waste Strategy. Ms Villiers was confirmed as the ...

26 July 2019

Coffey given more senior role within Defra


One of the architects of the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, resources minister Therese Coffey, has been handed a promotion within Defra by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Suffolk Coastal MP Dr Coffey, who was a ...

25 July 2019

Villiers faces questions on plastics and textiles


In her first engagement as Environment Secretary, Theresa Villiers has outlined the government’s commitment to tackling plastic waste through the Resources and Waste Strategy. Her comments came in response to questions from MPs ...

25 July 2019

Villiers in at Defra as Gove moves to Duchy job


Theresa Villiers has been named as Michael Gove’s successor as Environment Secretary by new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

23 July 2019

Consistency measures outlined in Environment Bill update


Environment Secretary Michael Gove, in what may be his last act in the job, has set out further details of the government’s Environment Bill including outlining which materials will form the core of its recycling consistency measures.

22 July 2019

Labour to prioritise in-house contracts


A Labour government would introduce legislation prioritising in-house contracts over outsourcing for local authorities, in areas including waste management, under plans announced this weekend. The proposals would make insourcing ...

19 July 2019

Audit Committee calls for EPR for furniture


The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has called on the government to establish an Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for furniture, “to invest in technology to ensure the safe disposal of hazardous wastes”. The ...