14 May 2012

WRG and Focsa rebranded as FCC Environment

Waste Recycling Group (WRG) and Focsa Services UK have today (May 14) rebranded as FCC Environment in recognition of their Spanish parent company, the infrastructure and services firm FCC.

The move, which FCC first announced in June 2011 (see letsrecycle.com story), brings together Focsas collection-focused operations and WRGs waste disposal and energy recovery activities. WRG was bought by FCC in 2006 for 1.4 billion.

WRG and Focsa have integrated to form FCC Environment

WRG and Focsa have integrated to form FCC Environment

WRG and Focsa will no longer operate separately but instead form one company trading under the title of FCC Environment, which will be based at WRGs former offices in Northampton.

FCC said the launch of the brand represents the continuation of a major shift in emphasis for itsUKoperations away from landfill and towards recycling, collections and energy recovery. WRG first announced that it would be shifting its focus in 2010 (see letsrecycle.com story).

The new brand will focus on five key business areas which are:

  • Municipal services – Household waste collection, street cleansing and parks and gardens maintenance
  • Business waste solutions – Commercial and industrial waste collection and recycling, mixed waste recycling
  • Green energy – Energy from Waste, wind energy and energy crops
  • Recycling – Material recycling facilities, household waste recycling centres
  • Waste processing – Liquid and packaged waste treatment, hazardous wastes and landfill disposal


Chief executive of WRG Paul Taylor was appointed as chief executive of FCC Environment prior to the rebranding.

Mr Taylor said: I believe that the strengths of FCC Environment today in particular our technological expertise and our service-oriented culture draws both from the combined strengths of WRG and Focsa and from the support and ambition of FCC.

We have made great progress in moving our business from one that was rooted in waste disposal to one that now, as FCC Environment, provides a wide range of collection, recycling, treatment and energy recovery services that are fully aligned to our customers needs. From waste to resource is now our central focus.

Mr Taylor added: As a result we saw in 2011 some substantial successes in new business. We are constructing a new energy from waste facility, we are preferred bidder for two major residual waste contracts, we have won several new recycling contracts and have become one of the leading operators of public household recycling centres for local authorities in the UK.

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Vehicles, bins, uniforms and buildings will undergo a rebranding to FCC Environment, which is expected to take around six months to complete.

A spokesman for FCC Environment told letsrecycle.com that the brand will give the company a platform from which it can grow the business. He said: WRG and Focsa coming together puts a fresh new face to the market. They are the biggest environmental company you have never heard of and it will give us a platform to grow the business.

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