9 April 2019 by Will Date

Wheelabrator plans to develop Hampshire EfW

Incineration specialist Wheelabrator is seeking backing from the Secretary of State for Business, Greg Clark, to build a 450,000 tonnes per-year energy from waste plant near Andover in Hampshire.

As the facility is deemed to be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) the company requires a Development Consent Order (DCO) – issued on behalf of the Secretary of State by the Planning Inspectorate. Planning permission from the local authority, Test Valley borough council, is also required to proceed with the project.

An artist’s impression of Wheelabrator’s proposed energy from waste plant near Andover

An initial outline of plans for the facility, which will feature moving grate technology with two combustion lines, has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, while initial consultation on the proposals with local residents has also taken place.

Subject to a DCO being granted, it is anticipated that construction could commence in 2022 and last approximately three and a half years.


Wheelabrator plans to build the facility on the A303 Enviropark site which is owned and operated by the Raymond Brown Group. Waste would be transported to the facility by road.

The site currently houses a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that recovers recyclable resources from construction waste, alongside an Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) processing plant operated by Fortis.

Providing an overview of the project, Wheelabrator said: “The waste we receive and process will already have had materials suitable for recycling removed. In total, we will divert approximately 450,000 tonnes of post-recycled waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill or been exported to mainland Europe.

The site houses a construction waste MRF, operated by Raymond Brown Waste Solutions. (Picture: RBwaste.co.uk)

“We will be an economic partner to the region – providing construction and operational jobs, additional economic stimulus in the form of capital investments, the purchase of goods and services, and support for local community programmes and causes. This will benefit the local community in a similar way to the Raymond Brown ‘Community Matters’ scheme.”


Development of the new facility comes after Wheelabrator’s acquisition by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners in February this year.

The company has been described as the second largest US waste-to-energy business, operating 16 waste-to-energy facilities across the US and one in the UK.

Its operational UK plant is the Ferrybridge Multifuel facility in West Yorkshire, which has the capacity to process around 570,000 tonnes of waste per year, a joint venture with SSE Energy. A second plant is also being built on the site with a total capacity of 675,000 tonnes per year.

Wheelabrator is also developing a 550,000 tonnes-per-year capacity EfW plant at Kemsley in Kent, which have a gross electrical generating capacity of 49.9MW as well as supplying steam for DS Smith’s adjacent paper mill. Construction of the facility began in 2016, and is expected to be completed in late 2019.

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