25 August 2005

Waste management companies offered PVC recycling incentive

Financial incentives are being offered to waste management companies in an attempt to increase the recycling of PVC plastic.

Recycling initiative Recovinyl is offering funding incentives to waste management companies that recycle PVC building products.

The initiative is looking to fund the recycling products including windows, pipes, rainwater goods, cladding, conduit and trunking.

The Recovinyl scheme is a European-wide project funded by Vinyl 2010, the PVC industry body formed to demonstrate commitment to sustainable development.

In the UK, the Recovinyl scheme is supported by the British Plastics Federation which has appointed Axion Recycling as project managers and technical advisors.

According to Recovinyl most PVC recycling is carried out during manufacturing or processing new products, where 95% of production waste and off cuts are recycled.

Complex material

Recovinyl's trial is targeting the more complex post-consumer waste market. The organisation said: “For example when properties are refurbished and the existing PVC windows or plastic gutters discarded, we will be targeting this material.”

In order to make use of the funding, waste collection and sorting companies have to register as members of Recovinyl. This can be done through the Recovinyl website or through Axion Recycling.

Once the company is signed up as a member, it needs to deliver its waste PVC to a recovery or PVC recycling company that is accredited to Recovinyl.

Becoming a member and gaining accreditation are both free and Recovinyl has said that the main PVC recyclers are expected to be accredited.

Commenting on the scheme, Roger Morton of Axion Recycling commented: “The volume of PVC waste available nationally is substantial and the recycling facilities are in place.”

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