23 January 2020 by Joshua Doherty

Warning in Wales over ‘cheap’ waste fees

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has published a price list of what a “legitimate” waste carrier would charge in parts of Wales, warning that anything below this should be treated with caution.

This comes as the regulatory body warned people to be on their guard against illegal waste carriers who, it said, are operating in the Llanelli and surrounding areas.

If a price of less than £230 is offered for a skip-load of waste, NRW urged businesses and residents to check for a waste carriers license

In a statement yesterday (22 January), NRW stated that on average, a “legitimate waste carrier” charges around £52 to remove a car boot sized bundle of waste while a van load would cost £166 and an average skip load around £230.

“If your waste carrier is charging less ask to see their waste carrier’s licence and check,” a statement from NRW said.


The warning explained that several incidents have been reported where businesses and homeowners have been approached with an offer to remove their waste for a price well below the accepted rate.

Pippa Sabine, tackling waste crime officer for NRW, said: “If an offer seems too good to be true then beware, it is highly likely that the carrier is operating illegally and dumping waste where it will harm the local community and the environment.

“Waste crime is not only dangerous to the environment and people, it also undermines legitimate waste operators.

“If we have concerns that someone is not playing by the rules we will investigate and take the appropriate action.”

Recycling centre

NRW also issued a reminder saying that residents in the Llanelli area can dispose of their waste by visiting one of Carmarthenshire county council’s recycling centres. The council also offers a bulky waste collection service.

Carmarthenshire county council’s executive board member for public protection, councillor Phillip Hughes said: “A number of sites for household waste and recycling are provided throughout the county and the council also has a bulky waste collection service.

“If residents have any excess household waste to dispose of they must make sure that any private individuals or companies they use are properly authorised to carry waste, if they don’t and their waste is found fly-tipped they could be prosecuted and fined.”


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