4 January 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Vehicle Recyclers Association launched out of MVDA

The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association of Great Britain (MVDA) has marked the start of 2018 with a name change to “reflect the evolving nature of the industry”.

The association will now be known as the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA).

The VRA is the UK trade body for permitted vehicle recyclers

The VRA will continue to operate out of the same office in Lichfield, Staffordshire, with the only changes occurring in its website, email address and social media accounts.

Dr Chas Ambrose, secretary of the VRA, said to letsrecycle.com: “For a long time our members have done much more than just buy and sell parts, and this name better reflects the needs of our members.

He added: “This is an exciting, but challenging time for our industry. Professional vehicle recyclers face ever increasing environmental regulation and costs, whilst their businesses are continually under threat from illegally-run non-permitted operations.”

2018 revamp

The name changes comes as part of other developments expected this year, including a revamped magazine and other improvements in communications to its members.

The MVDA was founded in 1943 and is the UK trade body for permitted vehicle recyclers (dismantlers, metal recyclers, salvage agents) and associated companies.

It seeks to promote the needs of its members to consumers, the government and other industry sectors.

The name was changed to “reflect the evolving nature of the industry”.

One major focus of what is now the VRA is illegal operators. It is thought that there is at least double the amount of illegal operators in the industry than there are licensed ones.

In December last year, the group wrote to the Environment Agency with a list of all illegal operators in the country and the problems they present the industry.

Dr Ambrose added: “We expect a push back from licensed operators this year, the EA could certainly do more to combat the problem and that’s a particular focus for us.

“We want to be more encompassing for smaller companies and the name change and our aim to clamp down on illegal operators will help this.”

ELV statistics

The UK will need to see a rise of over 4% to meet 2015 targets

The latest recycling figures for the UK for end of life vehicles (ELV) in 2014 was 90.7%, which met the 85% target for the year. The figures show that the number of vehicles counted in the data (cars and light commercial vehicles) was down by almost 43,000 in 2014 at 1,106, 846 compared to 2013.

However, with a legal target of 95% reuse/recycling/recovery in 2015 the UK appears to be some way short of the goal.

Dr Ambrose commented that he expected the 2015 targets to be met but because research had found cars were heavier than originally calculated, future targets might be harder to meet.

He said: “I understand that the UK will meet the 95% target in 2015, however we may struggle to maintain that going into 2016. Rates in 2014 were calculated at 981 kg per vehicle, but following shredder research in 2015 it was found the average rate had increased to 1,100 kg.”

He explained that this meant more plastics in particular needed to be recycled as otherwise there was a danger the rate might fall.”

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