4 May 2021 by Joshua Doherty

UKWSL rebrands as ‘Novati’

VIDEO REPORT:  Nottinghamshire-based brokerage firm UK Waste Solutions Ltd (UKWSL) has today announced it has rebranded as Novati.

The company says the move to a new name was underpinned by the belief that waste collection is “not Novati’s core business”, instead focusing on resource and carbon management where waste is a by-product.

This process delivers “value and change management services, enabling clients to maximise their materials’ environmental and financial benefits,” Novati said.

Novati’s purple brand was chosen to mark a “point of difference” that stands out in the waste sector, emphasising its approach to driving change as “disrupters in the marketplace”.

Below: (l-r) Joshua Doherty of letsrecycle.com speaks with Novati’s managing director Max Kanda 


According to the company, Novati was chosen because it “is quite literally at the centre of in-novati-on”.

The company believes the new name and brand identity “better reflects its personality and cements its distinct position in the UK’s waste and resource management sector”.

UKWSL was founded in 2003

During the pandemic, the company made two acquisitions as part of its growth strategy, resulting in the acquisition of both C&M Waste Management and Evolution Waste Management (see letsrecycle.com story).

The new brand provides an umbrella to fully integrate these businesses together with future acquisitions.


Novati’s managing director, Max Kanda, said: “As the UK starts to emerge from the pandemic, it felt like the right time to be positive and proactive with the launch of a new brand. The UKWSL brand has supported us amazingly well for over 18 years, but this progression demonstrates our commitment to continued growth based on innovation and positive disruption.

“Our ability to meet the challenges of resource scarcity and climate change is dependent on our ability to radically change the way we all think and act.”


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