19 October 2020 by James Langley

Traffic Commissioner disqualifies waste director

The director of Coventry-based skip hire firm JMP Waste & Transport Services has had his standard international goods vehicle operator’s licence revoked by the Traffic Commissioner.

Jordan Myles Pointon, 25, held a standard international goods vehicles operator’s licence for two vehicles and three trailers, granted in 2015.

Jordan Pointon has had his standard international goods vehicle operator’s licence revoked by the Traffic Commissioner

A DVSA investigation in March raised several concerns about the operation of the company. It found Mr Pointon was operating four vehicles regularly, two more than his licence was authorised for. It also stated there was a high MOT failure rate of 75% over the life of the licence and that safety inspection records showed missing inspections, among other issues.

The vehicle examiner concluded that Mr Pointon “had a general disregard for maintenance procedures”.

Following an inquiry which took place in Birmingham on 2 September, Nicholas Denton, Traffic Commissioner for the west Midlands, disqualified Mr Pointon from holding or obtaining any type of operator’s licence in any traffic area for two years until 21 October 2022. He is also disqualified from being the director of any company holding such a licence.

And, having lost his good repute, Mr Pointon is disqualified from acting as a transport manager on any operator’s licence for three years until 21 October 2023.

“Fair decision”

Mr Pointon told letsrecycle.com: “It was pretty fair – I agree with the decision. They’re just doing their job and we had some failings.”

“It was pretty fair – I agree with the decision”

Jordan Pointon

Mr Denton said he gave credit to Mr Pointon for being honest about his non-compliant operations to DVSA and the inquiry, leading to the two-year disqualification period rather than anything longer, despite the seriousness of the issues.

Mr Pointon told letsrecycle.com JMP Waste &Transport Services would now close.

Restricted licence

JMP Waste & Transport Services applied for a restricted licence for four vehicles and three trailers on 6 July 2020.

Mr Denton decided to consider Mr Pointon’s existing sole trader licence and JMP Waste & Transport Services’ application at the same inquiry.

Mr Denton says he refused JMP Waste & Transport Services’ application given Mr Pointon’s record in operating his sole trader licence.


JMP Waste & Transport Services was incorporated in September 2017. Its sole director is Mr Pointon.

The company offers services covering grab hire, haulage and aggregates. It describes itself as “Coventry’s top source for skip hire” and “Coventry’s leading expert in all areas of waste management”.


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