16 April 2018 by Steve Eminton

Trading platform for organics launched by Veolia

Veolia UK has launched a trading platform for waste wood and organic materials including green and food waste.

The waste management company said that the trading platform – www.biotrading.co.uk – will allow sellers to “get a good price for their product and gain maximum value from their waste and process by-products”. And, Veolia claimed that Biotrading is the first UK online marketplace for organic resources.

Trading Veolia

A screenshot of Veolia’s BioTrading website

A 10% “introduction” fee will be levied by Veolia on transactions on the platform. And, while material is sold at a price, some products will be accompanied by a payment to the buyer.


For example, on the trading platform at present, 5,000 tonnes of oversize compost material with a 10% contamination rate (of plastics and metal) is available in Hampshire. The actual source of the material and whether it is from Veolia’s Hampshire composting facility near Basingstoke, is not stated. Buyers are being offered the material with a sum of £35 payable per tonne to the buyer, totalling £175,000, as a contribution to taking the material away.

Veolia is also offering to provide haulage for all the materials transacted on the trading platform.


Commenting on the launch of the website Raquel Carrasco, organics and technology director at Veolia UK, said: “Our new BioTrading website is the missing link for the UK’s organic resources and represents a real step forward in innovation. By operating as an agile trading platform it is a financial and environmental win-win for both buyer and seller. For the UK, it means more waste can be turned back into resources, boosting sustainability, delivering value and promoting a more circular economy.”

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