24 October 2000

Tony Blair backs doorstep recycling for all

Prime Minister Tony Blair – in a passionate speech about the need to tackle a range of environmental issues – called today for every local authority to offer “doorstep recycling”. His focus on kerbside or doorstep recycling came during a speech to the CBI/Green Alliance conference on the environment in London.

Mr Blair endorsed the creation of the Waste and Recycling Action Programme, which he said, “will be led by business and will develop markets for recycled materials.” The materials generated from extra kerbside recycling could find uses in these markets, he commented.

And, he promised a further £50 million from the New Opportunities Fund to help pay for kerbside recycling.

The government itself, said the prime minister, will also be playing a part. “The office co-ordinating government procurement will soon begin trialling the purchase of recycled products, using government purchasing to expand the market.”

“The central theme of our approach is a more productive use of environmental resources. It is clear that if we are to continue to grow, and share the benefit of that growth; we must reduce the impact of growth on the environment. Some commentators estimate that we’ll need a tenfold increase in the efficiency with which we use resources by 2050 only to stand still. Above all, we need to be clear about our priorities and the principles that underlie our approach.”


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