23 October 2000

Three compartment vehicle for glass collection

Rushcliffe Borough Council, covering some 157 square miles of
Nottinghamshire, has taken delivery of a new Terberg Toploader 25 – a
glass recycling collection vehicle.

The Toploader is to be used for collecting green, clear and brown
glass and will enable Rushcliffe Borough Council to collect nearly twice as
much glass as the vehicle it has replaced. The steady increase in glass
recycling has been partly due to ongoing local publicity, including a
recycling leaflet that was sent out to every householder in February. It is
also advantageous that more than 90% of Rushcliffe's residents are within one
kilometre of a recycling site.

With three adjustable compartments allowing a separate compartment for each colour of glass, all the glass can be collected at once making Rushcliffe's bottle bank service more cost effective and able to cope with any future expansions, a spokesman for Terberg said.


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