15 January 2001

Teeside and large containers in plastics recycling research

Plastics recycling organisation Recoup is to launch two new programmes to investigate opportunities for plastics packaging recycling. One will look focus on Teesside and the other on whether larger post use plastic containers can be recycled.

Funding for the two projects has come through the Landfill Tax credit scheme with ICI Chemicals and Polymers Ltd and RPC Containers donating 22,000.

On Teesside, Recoup will approach local councils, schools and potential operators to gain new data and develop proposals for schemes that will expand recycling initiatives in the area. Teesside has long been home to the chemicals industry which is heavily involved in the plastics sector.

The second programme will investigate the feasibility of recycling larger post-industrial and commercial plastic containers typical used in catering and DIY applications.

Although over 30,000 tonnes of these polypropylene containers enter the market each year, little is known about the opportunities to establish recycling systems. Following initial trials, Recoup will set up a six month collection programme and will publish data on resulting economic, technical and logistic issues.
Results for both projects will be published later this year.

ICI spokesman Nigel Flintoft said: “ICI is pleased to be supporting development of recycling opportunities for plastic in Teesside and also to be backing an innovative new pilot scheme that could provide opportunities to increase recycling nationally. We are delighted to be supporting Recoup’s work on these two projects.”

Andrew Simmons, Recoup business manager, said: “ICI’s generous support and the funding from our member RPC Containers will allow Recoup to research two new opportunities. As a result we will be able to provide further clear guidance on best practices and economics to anyone considering plastics recycling programmes.”


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