20 December 2017 by Joshua Doherty

South Wales Wood wins Cheltenham contract

South Wales Wood Recycling has won a five year contract for wood recycling in Cheltenham, which will extend the current two year contract it already holds with the council.

The company will now be responsible for the collection and processing of mixed wood across the town under a contract worth £318,500.

Cheltenham borough council has awarded South Wales Wood Recycling a five year contract.

South Wales Wood Recycling beat one other unnamed tender to win the contract, which was let by Cheltenham borough council for five years with the possibility of a two year extension.

The volume of waste wood collected from Cheltenham’s CA site in 2016/17 was 1,300 tonnes.


The contract will run until October 2022, unless a two year extension is agreed on the review date in April 2022.

Scott Williams, contracts manager of the joint waste team with Cheltenham Borough Council , said: “They are very familiar with the quality of wood that comes through and were able to offer a really good price and assurances on the quality.

“We previously had a two year arrangement, and are delighted to extend this to five with an option for a further two.”


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