15 March 2019 by Joshua Doherty

South Gloucestershire moves from bags to boxes

South Gloucestershire council has announced that it will replace the green and white bags used by residents for recycling with green boxes, following a public consultation.

When residents now need replacement bags, they will instead receive the box, which the council says will “further improve” its environmental performance.

South Gloucestershire cabinet member, Paul Hughes with the UK-manufactured boxes

The key focus of the proposal to replace the bags over time is to reduce the environmental impact of collections, said the authority.

It also noted that: “The current bags are not themselves recyclable and as they deteriorate over time they release plastic fragments into the environment. Furthermore, they are manufactured overseas and have to be shipped to the UK. Therefore, in the interests of reducing plastic waste, improving sustainability and protecting our environment, it was proposed to discontinue use of the bags.”


“In addition,” said a South Gloucestershire statement, the bags have to be replaced more regularly than boxes as they deteriorate and blow away, so there are also potential cost savings for the council of around £100,000 per year.

The council would not disclose the name of the manufacturer to letsrecycle.com, but said they are “purchased from a UK-based company who manufacture the boxes in the UK”.

Cabinet member for communities and tourism, Councillor Paul Hughes, said: “We all want to do our part to help preserve and protect our environment and so it makes sense to make our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle as clean and as green as they can be.”

He added: “Moving to more environmentally sound boxes for recycling makes sense for the places we live, for the crews who collect our waste and potentially saves the council significant funds.”


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