14 January 2021 by Robyn White

Slough flytipper is jailed for second time

A 65-year-old man has been jailed a second time for fly-tipping, this time for 21 months, following a joint prosecution by Buckinghamshire and Slough borough councils.

However, Thames Valley Police has told letsrecycle.com that the incident is not related to a case announced in August 2019, where a man was released under investigation for widespread illegal dumping of waste (see letsrecycle.com story).

Surveillance pictures linked Mr Afzal with a fly tipping incident in Burnham


Mohammed Afzal, 65, of The Crescent in Slough, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court after he admitted to nine counts of illegally dumping waste behind homes, near footpaths and in beauty spots between May 2019 and June 2020.

He also admitted to two further counts of waste license infringements in both Slough and south Buckinghamshire, and to using a false waste transfer note on 4 July 2019 and failing to produce a waste carrier license when requested on 13 August 2019.

Mr Afzal was also banned from driving once released from prison, in a bid to stop him offending and cluttering up streets and the countryside.


Mr Afzal appeared before Judge Paul Dugdale at the court on Monday 21 December, who heard he had previously served a 16 month jail sentence for fly-tipping but continued to commit the crime on his release.

Buckinghamshire council reported that Mr Afzal dumped mattresses, builders’ rubble, and other waste for over a year, and on two occasions fly-tipped just a few yards away from Chalvey household waste and recycling centre in Slough.

The waste deposited by Mr Afzal in Burnham

The court heard that he was caught dumping waste illegally a day before he was being interviewed under caution about another incident.

Nicholas Ham, who was prosecuting on behalf of Slough borough council and Buckinghamshire council, said Judge Dugdale noted the financial impact of Mr Afzal’s offending in terms of the cleanup, investigative and legal costs.

The judge also emphasised the real harm to the community, to those who go out to enjoy the countryside and find it spoiled by his actions.

Judge Dugdale said: “It seems Mr Afzal simply does not understand how much people hate fly tipping, how hugely upsetting it is for them.

“He simply continued to dump so he could earn a few pounds each time and couldn’t care less about the expense caused to the taxpayer.”

‘Clear warning’

Cllr Pavitar K. Mann, cabinet member for planning and regulation at Slough Borough Council, said: “Not only will this fly-tipper be punished in the most severe way, with a prison sentence, but the driving ban will help the council stop this occurring in the future.”

“This is a clear warning to others out there fly tipping will not be tolerated and we will take all measures open to us to prosecute.”


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