1 June 2011

Severnside rebrands to DS Smith Recycling

By Steve Eminton

Severnside Recycling, one of the most established names in the recovered paper sector in the UK, today (June 1 2011) officially changed its name to DS Smith Recycling.

Severnside Recycling has officially completed its name change to DS Smith Recycling

Severnside Recycling has officially completed its name change to DS Smith Recycling

Formed in 1975 primarily as a supplier to paper mills in England, DS Smith Recycling is today part of a broad paper making and container supply company, with the ultimate parent being the DS Smith Group.

A crucial reason for the name change has been Severnsides success in reaching beyond its waste paper collection roots to provide broader recycling services to some of the largest retail companies in England.

At the same time DS Smith is supplying material for use in containers in what is described by the company as a closed loop recycling service.

DS Smith Recycling, which handles about 1.9 million tonnes of material a year, now sits alongside DS Smith Paper (formerly St Regis) and DS Smith Packaging.

In a statement, the company said: The alignment of the different UK elements of the DS Smith Group, a 2.1bn business, makes the closed loop recycling process more visible for its customers.

“Indeed, DS Smith Recycling processes waste paper and packaging produced by DS Smith Packagings customers which is then used in new paper products – a perfect demonstration of the closed loop process.

The statement added: The shift in environmental awareness across the corporate world is tangible, and DS Smith Group believes its closed loop packaging manufacture and recycling is a key offering to its customer base. Each of DS Smiths UK divisions are market leaders in their respective sectors and the rebrand represents a consolidation of this broad expertise.

Market demand

Miles Roberts, DS Smith Group chief executive, commented: There is growing market demand for recycled material in packaging and this makes it pertinent for DS Smith to be seen as one entity in the UK, rather than separate companies.

“Our recycling operation, provided by DS Smith Recycling, is an important differentiator, with our customers focusing increasingly on sustainability not only in waste management, but also in purchasing. We are perfectly aligned to deliver this end to end sustainability through our operations.

Peter McGuinness, DS Smith Recycling managing director, said: Its an exciting time for DS Smith Recycling and were looking forward to being closer aligned to our wider group.

“While none of our services will change, we will continue to focus on evolving our recycling operations and delivering high quality used paper and packaging to our Group for recycling. Operating under DS Smith Recycling will aid customer confidence enabling them to use one supplier that offers a closed loop process.


Tim Price, national commercial manager for DS Smith Recycling, told letsrecycle.com that the name change would help customers understand the great link that we have with DS Smith Paper and DS Smith Packaging. Within our group we can deliver a range of products and services with an aim for sustainability in everything we do.

Mr Price added that the DS Smith name is known worldwide and trades on many continents. We are actively expanding into European markets and we have similar service operations on the continent with variations to meet each countrys nuances.

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Rebranding work for the company is getting underway with a new look website plus work starting on more than 200 trucks and over 4,000 containers on a phased basis. The vehicles will be ice white in colour and the containers will be blue.


One UK paper recycling expert told letsrecycle.com today: I think Severnside have really made great steps forward in recent years and their contracts work has become very successful. Within Europe the DS Smith business is becoming a significant force in the paper and board market and with its UK supply contracts I can see the sense in the rebranding.

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