20 November 2000

Rockware directors resign from glass recycling company

The two directors of Rockware Glass on the board of the British Glass Recycling Company (BGRC) have resigned from it leaving United Glass as the only shareholder left on the board. The two are: Malcolm Vernon and Larry Mantell.

Details of the latest developments in the ongoing saga of BGRC come in a letter from Colin Clapshoe, director general manager, to suppliers.

They at last shed light on the approach to BGRC taken by Rockware Glass which has consistently shied away from revealing its stance towards the organisation.

Now, Mr Clapshoe has said that the two Rockware directors have resigned and “no replacements have been offered”.

He adds: “BGRC’s current management, which includes the two United Glass directors, John Cobring and Roger Kirk, intend to maintain the company’s existing cullet suply base.

Taking a positive stance, Mr Clapshoe says that despite some recent short-term difficulties, the company hopes that his suppliers will continue to work with it. In the interim a new business plan is being drawn up along with a new supply contract.


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