11 July 2017 by Steve Eminton

Recycle Week 2017 theme announced

The theme for this year’s Recycle Week is to be: ‘Recycling – It’s Worth It!’

Announcing the theme, resource charity WRAP confirmed that Recycle Week will run from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October 2017.

The organisation said that the theme will give local authorities and others “the opportunity to bust some myths and really show the benefits of recycling”.

Recycle Week 2017

One image for use in September’s Recycle Week (picture courtesy of WRAP and not for promotional use before Recycle Week)

Unlike last year’s Recycle Week which targeted items in the home that people forgot to recycle, such as shampoo bottles, this year the generic theme has been chosen, partly in the light of research by WRAP.

The research has found that different segments of the population have different reasons for not recycling or for not recycling particular materials. Accordingly, the campaign will be organised in a way to get different messages over and is broader in approach than in 2016.

Specific campaign material will be available for large cities such as London and Manchester, and also in Wales where Wrap Cymru will be involved.


A spokeswoman for WRAP told letsrecycle.com: “We are trying to educate people about recycling and will try to get over a message as to what recycled materials come back as. It will be more about the cyclical nature of recycling and more about telling people why it is of benefit to them.”

It is understood that the theme will not imply that the public are financially better off themselves as an immediate result of recycling but the emphasis is on the overall benefits.

Social media will also be targeted by WRAP with last year’s week trending highly on Twitter. WRAP’s Recycle Now division will also be undertaking direct to consumer digital activity to support the theme of the week, focusing on the circularity of products with a sub-theme of, ‘What goes around comes around’.

Some local authorities have told letsrecycle.com that they felt WRAP was rather late in announcing the theme of the week as they could have done with more time to plan ahead. However, WRAP is understood to hope that the details announced this week will allow for sufficient planning. And, the organisation said it was happy to be contacted by local authorities about Recycle Week, email: Partnerenquiries@wrap.org.uk


The toolkits which local authorities can use for Recycle Week are now live on WRAP’s Resource Library and Welsh and London versions also to be added soon. The assets, WRAP noted, should not be used by local authorities until Recycle Week. A video on Youtube is also available as a guide to the week which local authorities may find useful.

More information about the theme of the week can also be found on the WRAP resource library website.


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