7 April 2020 by James Langley

Recycling Technologies temporarily closes Swindon plant

Swindon-based company Recycling Technologies has announced that in light of the coronavirus pandemic it is to close its demonstration-scale plant at its Cheney Manor site temporarily.

The company says that, during the plant’s closure, it is to plan and implement enhanced safety measures so that it can resume operating as soon as possible.

A pilot machine in the Swindon facility

Recycling Technologies is the creator of a machine the company claims can turn all post-consumer plastics into oil.

A statement issued to the company’s stakeholders reads: “We are all having to face this challenging and uncertain time as best we can.

“Although it is extremely difficult to predict how COVID-19 will continue to impact the UK and the rest of the world, we wanted to reassure you that we are complying with the government’s advice to make the right decisions for our employees, our stakeholders, and our business.

“It is important that we not only keep everyone safe, but keep our business moving and we do not underestimate any aspect of this challenge.”

In March 2018 Recycling Technologies announced that it had struck deals with Scottish local authorities to collect plastic for its first formal commercial machine, known as Project Beacon (see letsrecycle.com story). This was to be constructed in Perth with funding support from Zero Waste Scotland.

The company has said that its first fully operational plant, which was subject to an engineering review last year (see letsrecycle.com story), will be operational this year.


Recycling Technologies says its staff in Swindon and London have been equipped with the necessary tools to continue their business duties remotely.

“Recycling Technologies is prepared to overcome and remain flexible to meet the changing circumstances”

Recycling Technologies

The statement added: “We have decided to limit our movements and physical interaction, in line with government advice, while continuing to manage the day to day activities as far as possible.

“Now more than ever, people and companies will be tested on their resilience, responsiveness, agility and their use of existing and new digital skills and tools.

“We want to assure you that Recycling Technologies is prepared to overcome and remain flexible to meet the changing circumstances and any similar future event.”


Recycling Technologies has been the subject of significant investment in recent months. In March, oil refining company Neste and investment manager Mirova invested a combined €10 million in the company (see letsrecycle.com story).


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