19 June 2017 by Steve Eminton

Recycling Lives heralds £4.1m in social value

The Recycling Lives (UK) charity’s annual Social Value report for 2015/16 estimates that during the year its work created £4.1 million in social value.

Published today (19 June) the report covers the work of the charity which sits alongside the metals and waste electrical business and compliance operations run by Recycling Lives Ltd, originally Preston Recycling. The company has explained that it aims to secure contracts with keen pricing and high service levels as well as the business having a positive social impact.

Explaining how this works in terms of linking social activity to commercial contracts, Recycling Lives Ltd stated: “contract benefits are shared between the company and the charity and by default contract providers are able to demonstrate and enhance their own corporate social responsibility whilst maintaining maximum commerciality”.

(l-r) Recycling Lives’ managing director Will Fletcher; head of charity Neil Flanagan; CSR & sustainability director Alasdair Jackson; and food redistribution centre manager Jeff Green.

‘Real difference’

Writing in the foreword to the report, charity chairman Professor Steven Broomhead, interim chief executive of Warrington borough council since 2012, states: “Our charitable activities not only make a real difference to individuals and communities, they also generate significant savings for the taxpayer. By creating employment, reducing reoffending and supporting charitable organisations through food distribution, we have created a saving of £4.1m for the public purse – as detailed over the following pages.”

And, Professor Broomhead emphasised that: “Many business organisations talk about corporate social responsibility but we actually live and deliver it. As an expanding business we are committed to create Social Value equal to or greater than 10% of the company’s annual sales in the years ahead. In simple terms, the more successful we are as a recycling business the more we can do to socially enrich, empower and improve the life chances of those individuals who are facing difficulties.”

HMP Academies

One example of the social value work organised by Recycling Lives (UK) is given as its HMP Academies. The company claims that these are unique because because they are” self-funded and guarantee employment for all ex-off enders that graduate through our ‘Release Potential’ programme”.

The report continues: “The programme has proven to be immensely successful, generating a saving to society of £100,000 for each individual rehabilitated. Of a cohort of 38, 37 were successfully rehabilitated and did not re-off end in 2015/16.”


Commenting on the work of the charity, Recycling Lives Ltd managing director Will Fletcher said: “We are committed to creating real social impact and value to society through our commercial and charitable activities; to be more than just a business.

“We are immensely proud to be able to do the work we do”

Will Fletcher
Recycling Lives

“This Social Value Report doesn’t just focus on ‘what’ we do, but ‘why’ we do it – to change lives for the better.

“We are immensely proud to be able to do the work we do, whether that is putting food on the table for families facing food poverty or offering opportunities to people with histories of offending.  We hope our work will inspire others to look at how they can use their business to benefit communities by working in partnership with us.

“Recycling Lives is an example of a purpose investor – investing in individuals and communities to create social value alongside financial value and return.”

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