18 May 2017 by Will Date

Packaging and litter feature in Conservative manifesto

The Conservative Party has launched its 2017 General Election manifesto today (18 May), in which it pledges support for ‘comprehensive rubbish collection and recycling’.

The 88-page document, which outlines Theresa May’s Party’s principles and priorities ahead of the 8 June election also pledges to ‘do more to reduce litter’ including “supporting better packaging” and “taking new powers to force councils to remove roadside litter”.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap General Election, scheduled for 8 June

However, the document does not offer specific policies in the area of recycling or packaging design to offer any firmer indication as to how a Conservative government would approach these issues.

In a section titled ‘Stronger Communities From a Stronger Economy’, the manifesto states: “We will do more to reduce litter, including by supporting comprehensive rubbish collection and recycling, supporting better packaging, taking new powers to force councils to remove roadside litter and prosecuting offenders.”

Repeal Bill

Elsewhere, the manifesto contains a commitment to the government’s Great Repeal Bill, which is expected to transpose the current framework of environmental regulation, set out in EU Directives into UK law.

The manifesto states: “The bill will convert EU law into UK law, allowing businesses and individuals to go about life knowing that the rules have not changed overnight. This approach means that the rights of workers and protections given to consumers and the environment by EU law will continue to be available in UK law at the point at which we leave the EU.”

There is also a commitment to publish a 25-year plan for the natural environment – a policy document that had initially been expected to be published last year.


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