19 March 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Organisers highlight Global Recycling Day success

The organisers of Global Recycling Day, which took place yesterday (18 March), have praised the success of the event after people from across the world took part.

In its second year, the Global Recycling Day 2019 focused on ‘connecting with the youth’ and had the theme “Recycling into the Future”.

(l-r) Susie Burrage president of the BMRA, Ranjit Baxi president of the BIR and Simon Quayle, director of Shaftesbury Plc

Online, the Twitter hashtag #GlobalRecyclingDay was one of the most talked about subjects in the UK, with Defra, the Conservative Party, BBC Earth, Nespresso Global, the Environmental Audit Committee and PETA UK among those to get involved on social media.


In London, an event was held on Carnaby Street with members of the public encouraged to take part in the #RecyclingGoals football challenge, which sees people take a penalty in a goal with bins attached to the top corner, making a recycling pledge and then nominating someone else to take part

20-time champion Jockey Sir AP McCoy and a number of other involved in horse racing took on the challenge, as did Barrow AFC manager Ian Evatt and letsrecycle.com reporter Joshua Doherty.

Speaking to letsrecycle.com at the event yesterday, Ranjit Baxi president of BIR and the Global Recycling Foundation, said the event built on the success of last year’s inaugural day.

Mr Baxi said: “In the event’s first year, we attempted to raise awareness globally about recycling, and now we have laid the footprint we decided this year to make more in-roads and really connect with the youth.

“We wanted to make them aware, the theme this year was recycling into the future, and we have things like the recycling goals challenge and have seen uptake across the world. We have seen that people now are starting to connect with the youth, about recycling, and it is very important they are interested and we are trying to share that message.”

On the event’s impact, he added: “The uptake this year has been brilliant, and better than last year, which means we are sharing the message well. It gives us all confidence, we saw in Inida, Fiji and across Africa, lots of activities were happening. Schools across the world have been taking part to get the youth interested and talking about recycling, which we hope will help encourage them to do more in the future.

“We’ve seen events across the world where young children are now going out and litter-picking for the day, for example, and I am grateful for everyone who has got involved to help share this message.”

As seen below, Defra were among those to tweet about the event.

Global Recycling Day describes itself as a movement ‘dedicated to celebrating the importance of recycling and making the world think resource not waste.

The organisers added that thousands of participants have taken part in litter picks, educational programmes community events, petition signing and more.


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