16 July 2018 by Elizabeth Slow

Organics contracts underway in West London

West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has awarded contracts to a number of organics recycling firms for the treatment of green waste and commingled green and food waste.

Three companies have been awarded parts of the contract, which commenced on 1 May 2018 and will run for 24 months.

Parts of the contract for green waste and commingled organic waste were awarded to West London Composting, based in Harefield


In terms of the treatment of green waste: Countrystyle up to three 10,000 tonne allocations, and West London Composting up to three 10,000 tonne allocations. The estimated value of this lot is around £8.5 million.

Organics recycling firm Agrivert has been awarded a contingency arrangement for one 10,000 tonne allocation of green waste should high levels be produced.

West London Composting has also been awarded one 20,000 tonne allocation of commingled green and food waste. The estimated value of this lot is around £2.8 million.

Previously commingled food and garden waste went to both West London Composting and Countrystyle Recycling.

The total value of both lots is over £11 million, while both weigh commercial cost over quality.

‘Strong partnerships’

When contacted by letsrecycle.com, a spokesperson for WLWA said: “West London Waste Authority is pleased with the outcome of the procurements which fully engaged with the waste and recycling industry. We are looking forward to building strong partnerships with contractors to deliver significant cost savings and service improvements.”

Countrystyle are collecting green waste from the boroughs of Ealing, Hounslow and Richmond.

Earlier this year Bio Collectors was awarded a contract for the treatment of food waste from the WLWA boroughs (picture: Chloe Doel)

West London Composting are collecting and receiving green waste from Brent’s Marsh Road depot, Harrow kerbside collections and all household reuse and recycling centres (HRRCs).

The news follows the award of a £3 million 10-year contract to Bio Collectors earlier this year to transport and treat food waste from WLWA and its constituent boroughs (see letsrecycle.com story).

The contract – which started on 1 April 2018 – sees Bio Collectors providing a recycling solution for kitchen food waste from WLWA which covers the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames.


It is understood that the new food waste treatment rates are lower than for the previous contract, which the authority held with Biogen.

WLWA anticipates savings resulting from the food and green waste procurement where prices have been achieved which are “significantly lower” than both budget and the current price.

Commenting on the contract award, Sue Grundon, site manager at West London Composting said: “West London Composting Ltd is delighted to have been awarded the contract to process WLWA’s comingled food and green waste, as well as securing a substantial tonnage of the Authority’s green waste.

The composting operation taking place at West London Composting’s site in Harefield

“All the material will be processed through our in vessel composting facility (IVC) in Harefield to produce our sought after PAS100 certified compost ensuring all the organic waste is recycled. We have worked closely with WLWA previously and look forward to continuing our successful working relationship.”


The authority also awarded a contract for the transport of organic material via arctics to J Shorten and Sons. Suez also secured part of the contract for RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) services.


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