17 November 2000

Onyx hands over restored 33ha site to Hampshire County Council

Confirmation of the south of England’s growing shortage of landfill sites has come with the closure and now full restoration of a 33 hectare landfill and waste recycling site east of Southampton.

Hampshire’s Project Integra, which has Onyx as its main contractor, has announced that the former household waste recycling centre at Hook, Warsash, has been completely restored to agricultural land and will be handed back to Hampshire County Council later this month.

Onyx reports this week that the clean up campaign is part of a wider programme of restoration by the waste recycling and management contractor of the adjacent landfill site, which closed in 1997.

A spokesman said: “Where cars once queued, householders stashed their trash, and recyclers brought their green garden trimmings and other unwanted items, now there is pasture land ready for grazing. All the concrete loading bays of the centre have been broken up and removed, new soils have been brought in, the grass seeded and the area stock-proofed fenced in readiness for grazing by cattle or sheep.”

Hampshire Waste will continue its statutory monitoring duties on the site, controlling and managing the landfill gasses and leachate arising from the decomposition of the waste within the contained landfill.

The county is currently rapidly expanding its recycling services and has plans for three energy from waste plants. A number of landfill sites are still used however for Hampshire’s waste, including a large Onyx-owned site in Buckinghamshire.


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