29 October 2003

Online survey shows high awareness of EU aggregate standards

An online survey has shown there was a high level of awareness of the new European aggregate standards which will begin to be used from January 2004.

The survey was conducted by Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) using its AggRegain website. It found that 81% of respondents aware of the forthcoming change from the British to the new European CEN TC 154 standards. These consist of eight product standards and supporting test methods for aggregates and cover specific materials including concrete, railway ballast, mortar and road surfaces.

The new standards will encourage the use of recycled and secondary aggregates in construction by levelling the field with primary materials, particularly in higher value applications.

John Barritt, aggregate technical advisor at WRAP, said: “It is always a concern when new standards or practices are imposed on industry, and WRAP has paid special attention to ensuring that buyers, specifiers and suppliers have been provided with the information they need to make the necessary changes.”

He added: “This has been achieved both through information provided on the AggRegain website, and a number of specially organised briefings taking place nationally throughout October and November.”

The survey also found that 87% of the participants claimed that AggRegain had increased their knowledge and understanding of recycled and secondary aggregates, while 53% had used the information provided to source or supply sustainable materials.

Mr Barritt said: “This survey clearly demonstrates that AggRegain is successfully engaging, and influencing industry understanding and decision making.”

In addition to the funds it receives for waste minimisation and market development for recyclables, WRAP receives money from the Aggregates Levy for its work in reducing demand for primary materials by encouraging recycling and re-use of aggregate. This levy on quarried materials was introduced to reduce damage to the environment caused by extracting aggregates such as sand, stone and gravel used in construction.

More information about the European standards and WRAP's work in aggregates can be found on the AggRegain website
, or by calling 0808 100 2040.


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