25 June 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Obituaries: Harold Neilson; and David Border

Two individuals involved in the recovered paper and organic waste sectors have died recently and respects have been paid to them from former colleagues and sector groups.

In the recovered paper sector, Harold Neilson formerly of Kimberly Clark, has died. The organics sector has seen the death of consultant David Border.

Harold Neilson

Harold Neilson, who was instrumental in the formation of the Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA) which is now the Recycling Association, died on 5 June.

Harold Neilson passed away earlier this month after a battle with illness

Mr Neilson led the IWPPA in the 1970s before working with paper-based consumer products company Kimberly-Clark, where he developed a recovered fibre strategy and introduced multi-grade material, which became the core grade within the tissue and printing & writing sectors.

Simon Ellin, chief executive of the Recycling Association, said that Mr Neilson will be remembered especially for his work in the early days of the organisation. “He will be sadly missed and our condolences go to his wife and all his family.”

The sentiments were echoed by Neil Clarke, managing director of Recycling UK,  who said he was sad to hear the news of Mr Neilson’s death after a long battle with ill health.

“Harold was always a staunch supporter of the Independent side of the industry in the UK even though he had swapped sides to work for paper mills.

“Harold was very innovative and will always be remembered for inventing Multigrade and KC-Mixed (SOW) and giving us an annual Kimberly-Clark awards presentation with prizes for supply and quality.”

Harold is survived by his wife Pam, daughter Michelle, son Geoffrey and their families.

Harold’s funeral will take place on Thursday, June 27, at 11:15 a.m. at Our Lady & St. John Church, Wirral.

David Border

Meanwhile, the Organics Recycling Group also announced “with great sadness” that David Border died on 14 June.

David Border had over 35 years’ experience in the organics sector

Mr Border was described by the group “as one of the gurus of the composting world both in the UK and USA and was a fountain of knowledge on composting”.

Living in Cambridgeshire, he worked across the country as a consultant microbiologist with 35 years of research, operational and business experience initially in mushroom media production and then large-scale composting, anaerobic digestion, and microalgae cultivation.

His latest work involved using greenhouses gases methane and carbon dioxide as feedstocks for developing technologies, and he was still working on research up until his death.

Any donations should go towards the mental health charity, MIND. The Organics Recycling Group of will also run a fundraising campaign for the charity in memory of Mr Border, more information can be found  here.


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