17 November 2000

Non-ferrous industry gets specification guide from BSMA

Non-ferrous metals recyclers and all involved in metal recycling now have their own colour booklet with descriptions of grades and accompanying photographs.

Produced by the British Secondary Metals Association, and called “Identifying Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal”, the booklet was officially launched at a recent metals banquet in London.

Caimin Rowntree, president of the association, said: “This booklet has been produced as an aid to the identification of the most popular types and grades of non-ferrous scrap metals, and aims to provide an understanding of typical product characteristics and origins, together with an easy means of identification for those not directly involved in the handling of non-ferrous metals.”

Pictured (above) at the launch of the publication are: (left) Caimin Rowntree, (right) Erica Zimmer, director, metals minerals and shipbuilding, Department of Trade and Industry, and (centre) her assistant director, Gerry Miles.

The BSMA emphasises that the the recycling of metals is a well-established international industry, “whose procedures and infrastructure meet today’s high standards of environmental protection”.

And, the association notes that non-ferrous metals are highly sustainable products, “and their recyclability and energy efficient methods of recovery make a major contribution to the government’s aims for sustainable development”.

BSMA executive director Duncan Wemyss said: “The association is indebted to the engineering industries directorate of the Department of Trade and Industry for their support in the production of this booklet, and to BSMA member companies and individuals for much of the photographic and written content.”

Nine metals are covered in the guide: aluminium brass, cable, copper, gunmetal, lead, nickel, stainless steel and zinc.

The ferrous metals recycling industry already has its own set of specifications which were drawn up in January 1995 as part of the battle to confirm secondary metals as raw materials rather than waste.

For copies of the non-ferrous booklet, tel: 01543 255450, or email BSMA


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