20 July 2018 by Daniel Moore

News in Brief (20/07/2018)

With news on: UKCM’s 20th year anniversary; Grundon’s Recycle Bicycle initiative; M&M Waste Solutions on its Maylarch acquisition; Exxonmobile’s oil deal; and Veolia’s London Pride clean-up.

UKCM celebrates 20 years in waste

Waste management company UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) celebrated its 20th anniversary this month.

UKCM says that during this time, it saved its customers £250 million with the repair and refurbishment of a notable 1.5 million waste & recycling containers.

UKCM anniversary

UKCM celebrate 20 years in service

These savings are calculated on the basis that the reconditioning of a waste container is a third of the price of buying a new one.

“We take great pride in our success and achievements across our 20 years in business, servicing both public bodies and private operators to deliver real savings to their bottom line,” explained Emma Elston MBE, chief executive of UKCM.

She added: “We are a family business and are thrilled at the extent to which we have been able to provide such quantifiable benefits to our customers, many of whom have been with us from our early days in operation.”

Grundon introduces ‘Recycle Bicycle’ at Gifford’s Circus

Waste management firm Grundon, has unveiled its “Recycle Bicycle” initiative for Gifford’s Circus, which arrived at Windsor Great Park last week (July 12).

The concept came about after Circus owner, Nell Gifford, and deputy chair Neil Grundon, discussed difference methods for raising the profile of recycling.

Gifford's Circus and Grundon partnership

(l-r) Tweedy the Clown and showgirl Lizzie on the Recycle Bicycle

“Built from scratch,” the bicycle contained its own shredding mechanism and was made using recycled materials from other bikes including a “cut-down” Grundon wheelie bin.

The bicycle was designed for ‘Tweedy the Clown’ who demonstrated the recycling initiative to delegates at this year’s event. The faster he peddled, the more plastic bottles were shredded, and the on-board umbrella turned.

Ms Gifford said: “The bicycle is a great way to spread the word and as well as having a great time at the show, everyone will realise there’s a serious message to take home too.”

Mr Grundon added: “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to talk about recycling and teaming up with Gifford’s Circus was the perfect opportunity to do something different. Our team worked really hard on the project and we’re thrilled to have seen the Recycle Bicycle in action.”

M&M Waste Solutions completes Maylarch acquisition

M&M Waste Solutions has announced the completed acquisition of Maylarch Ltd – a waste management company specialising in bespoke demolition, licensed asbestos removal and land remediation services for the public and private sectors.

Both organisations said they will continue operating “separately” in order to maintain their “branding” and “specialist services.”

M&M Waste Solutions has completed its acquisition with Maylarch Ltd

Commenting on the acquisition, Simon Ward, managing director of Maylarch, said: “The deal will allow further growth and security for all those working for Maylarch and will increase opportunities for our customers and suppliers. We can see some great opportunities opening up with M&M.”

Rob Fluckiger, managing director at M&M Waste Solutions, added: “We are delighted that this deal has been concluded as we have recently enjoyed working on a number of successful projects with Maylarch.”

“There is  great synergy between our two companies and capacity within both businesses complement one another extremely well.”

M&M Waste Solutions provides waste collection services throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties.

The firm’s headquarters is located in Cassington, Witney, home to its materials recycling facility and waste transfer station, which recycles up to 150,000 tonnes of materials per annum.

ExxonMobil secures contract with Infinis

International oil and gas firm ExxonMobil, has announced a five year supply contract with Infinis, which will see the former deliver “bespoke lubrication solutions” for the latter’s operated landfill gas engines across the UK.

The deal was announced at the AD and World biogas Expo 2018 last week, marking the companies’ 30 year business partnership.

Exxonmobil and Infinis

ExxonMobil and Infinis have extended their business partnership.

The main focuses will be ExxonMobil’s latest range of “high performance” Mobil Pegasus gas engine oils and “state-of-the-art” Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis service.

Under the agreement, both firms will also continue developing joint technology projects; covering product development, testing and “logistical innovations” for biogas plant operators.

“We are delighted to further develop our long-standing relationship with Infinis,” said Conor Wilkinson, Europe energy manager at ExxonMobil. “Central to its success is the close link between the ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (EMRE) team and Infinis’ technology specialists.

Stewart Wilson, centre of Excellence manager at Infinis, said: “The ExxonMobil team closely monitors the operational needs of our sites to help maximise the production output of our landfill gas engines.”

20 vehicles clear up after London Pride

Veolia deployed over 20 vehicles and 100 staff to clear up the Pride event in London earlier this month, in what it described as “one of the most fun events of the year.”

More than 55 tonnes of rubbish were collected, with items ranging from unicorn costumes to glass bottles, Veolia said.

London Pride clean uo

Over 55 tonnes of rubbish collected at London Pride event

The rubbish was sent to the South East London Combined Heat and Power (SELCHP) energy recovery facility.

Helder Branco, senior contract manager for Veolia in Westminster, said: “The Pride Parade is one of the most popular events of the year and we are delighted to play our part in the celebration. The waste collected from the event will be used for energy recovery, which means it is turned into a resource to power up London, rather than simply going to waste.”

Councillor Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for environment and city management, said: “It is Westminster’s honour to host so many great events and celebrations, such as London Pride. We also have the honour of making sure the streets are clean after these big events.”


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