15 March 2019 by Joshua Doherty

News in brief (15/03/19)

With news on; Westminster Waste applies to expand facility; W Martin begins Nuneaton deal; MP visits DS Smith facility; UK to ‘double aid support’ for plastic recycling

HW Martin begins Nuneaton deal

HW Martin Waste has announced that it has begun work on a “prestigious” recycling contract for Nuneaton & Bedworth borough council, handling mixed recycling from households.

Material being baled at an HW Martin facility

The council collects mixed recyclable materials from its residents and delivers it to a local facility provided by HW Martin, where it is bulked and sent for processing at the company’s MRFs.

The three-year contract will see HW Martin handle and recycle around 9,000 tonnes of recyclable materials each year.  There are two mixes of materials collected at the kerbside by the council – one is a mix of paper and cardboard, and the other is a mix of glass bottles and jars, metal cans and foil, plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays.  The council is able to add more items to its list of recyclable materials as a result of using the company.

Commenting on the deal, Dec Nortcliffe, national recycling manager at HW Martin Waste said:  “After years of hard work and investment in developing and fine-tuning our materials separation processes, it is great to see councils like Nuneaton & Bedworth recognising the technical benefits and the value-for-money that our solution offers.”

Westminster Waste applies to expand facility

A London-based waste management company, Westminster Waste, has applied to Bexley London Borough Council to build a 150,000 tonne recycling facility for construction waste in Belvedere, South East London.

A lorry at Westminster Waste’s facility in Greenwich

If accepted by the council, the current warehouses on the Mulberry Way site will be demolished to make room for three buildings, which includes a MRF to separate construction waste and a separate building to treat waste wood.

The proposed new facility will replace Westminster Waste’s current site in Maybank Wharf, which the company says is now too small as it looks to continue growth.

As described in the application, the ‘recycling facility’ at the new site “will accept and process waste that arises from the applicant’s waste collection service and will generally include mixed construction and demolition wastes.”

When approached by letsrecycle.com for comment, Dominic Moule, managing director of Westminster Waste, said: To enable the company to still grow we have had to look to relocate to a larger scale site to keep up with the processing capacity generated from all our clients sites. There is strong demand for our 3rd party tipping waste facility we offer clients.

“This site will be at the forefront of C&D / C&I Waste processing , We are rethinking recycling in a big way to strive for 100% diversion from landfill which has been our main goal from day 1 of the company operating.”

MP visits DS Smith facility

Stuart McDonald, the SNP MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East paid a visit to DS Smith’s recycling depot in Kilsyth earlier this week.

The visit took place earlier this week

DS Smith said that alongside having a tour of the facility, the company “took the opportunity to present Mr McDonald our circular business model with packaging, paper and recycling operations which can collect and recycle used cardboard into a new box in only 14 days.”

Mr McDonald was shown around by DS Smith’s head of government and community Affairs, Peter Clayson, who said he “focused on the importance of quality and our leading industry standards for recycling”.

Commenting on the visit, Mr Mcdonald said: “With growing global and environmental pressures, it is vital that the UK is making sustainable decisions regarding legislation. Scotland is ambitious about improving its recycling rates and we must continue to work with industry experts, such as DS Smith, to inform our ongoing policies.

“I always enjoy spending time in my local constituency and it’s so encouraging to hear of the growth and value that a business such as DS Smith, with its global scale and local footprint, is generating.”

UK to ‘double aid support’ for plastic recycling

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has announced that UK aid support for plastic recycling in developing countries will be doubled.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt with Sir David Attenborough this week

And, she called for solutions to clearing plastic waste from the world’s oceans and rivers, at an event in Parliament with Sir David Attenborough this week.

Ms Mordaunt made “crystal clear” that the UK’s aid budget will continue to be used to confront plastic pollution and that she wants to hear from scientists, tech entrepreneurs and business leaders for ideas and solutions to clean up plastic waste already in our oceans.

Speaking at an event earlier this week, Ms Mordaunt said: “Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. The UN estimates that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050, unless we act to reduce our use and improve how waste is managed, particularly in poorer countries.

“That’s why I am doubling UK aid’s support to projects in developing countries to increase plastic recycling. This will create jobs and reduce the harmful impact of plastic waste in our oceans. Cleaning up our environment is a win for us all.”


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