13 June 2018 by Elizabeth Slow

News in Brief (13/06/2018)

With news on: First Mile renews partnership; Epping Forest launches food challenge; van seized in Bradford; Tidy Planet brings Spanish boilers to UK; Ellgia wins contract with British Sugar; and, UKWSL helps with Landfill reduction.

 First Mile renews partnership with PaddingtonNow

First Mile has announced it will continue its partnership with Central London Business Improvement District, PaddingtonNow.

First Mile has renewed its partnership with the Paddington Business Improvement District, PaddingtonNow

 The recycling firm – which also manages over 20 BID contracts across the capital including We are Waterloo, The Fitzrovia Partnership and Team London Bridge – will continue to service the recycling needs of the diverse range of PaddingtonNow businesses.

The 306 PaddingtonNow members include hotels, offices and food establishments.

A major focus of the renewed partnership will be food recycling, First Mile said. The partners are also piloting new technologies to reduce contamination of recycling

Epping Forest launches Food Waste Challenge

Epping Forest district council has launched an initiative to tackle food waste, in partnership with specialist recycling rewards scheme provider, Local Green Points.

The Food Waste Challenge is open to residents of 1,600 flats in the district and will operate as part of the current Recycling Rewards scheme – which rewards residents for recycling more and sending less waste for disposal.

Epping Forest district council has launched an initiative to tackle food waste, in partnership with Local Green Points

Epping Forest Recycling Rewards launched in October 2017 and has seen over 460 residents sign up.

The challenge will help residents save money on their food shop by providing simple strategies for preventing unnecessary food waste.

An online platform provided by Local Green Points, allows residents to earn points for reporting their recycling every week, taking part in waste minimisation activities and now taking part in the new Food Waste Challenge.

Residents and communities with the most points are eligible for prizes.

Van seized in Bradford

A third van has been seized by Bradford council after reports that it had been spotted fly-tipping rubbish.

The tipper van was seen dumping large amounts of commercial and domestic waste which had to be removed “at a significant cost”, the authority said.

A third van has been seized by Bradford council after reports of fly-tipping

On several occasions the dumped material, including tyres and construction waste, had caused obstructions to the highway and disruption to local businesses. The vehicle had also been linked to cases where elderly people had been overcharged for waste removal, the council said.

Thanks to an anonymous tip off from the public and work by the CCTV team, council staff were able to identify the vehicle. With help from the police, council staff seized the van.

The council said it will be looking to prosecute the offenders and noted that the maximum penalty upon conviction is an unlimited fine or up to five years in prison.

If the registered keeper does not come forward the van will be disposed of, either by selling or crushing.

Tidy Planet brings Spanish boilers to UK

Macclesfield-based Tidy Planet, has partnered with Spanish energy generation specialist SUGIMAT to become the UK’s exclusive distributor of its boilers.

Tidy Planet has partnered with SUGIMAT to become the UK’s distributor of its boilers

SUGIMAT’s waste, biomass and cogeneration boilers create energy under environmentally compliant conditions – burning either conventional or non-conventional fuels, the company said.

They offer a disposal solution for industrial wastes, including Grade C wood waste, Category 1 International Catering Waste (CAT1 ICW), sewage screenings and poultry inedibles.

The brand attracted the attention of organic recycling and EfW equipment provider Tidy Planet. Tidy Planet has worked on projects with large brands including Liz Earle Co., BP and DHL at London’s Gatwick Airport.

Ellgia wins contract with British Sugar

Cambridge-based waste management firm, Ellgia, has been awarded a national contract to provide British Sugar with waste management and recycling services.

The long-term contract has started and includes working with six major sites in Peterborough, Wissington, Bury St Edmunds, Cantley, Newark and Bardney.

British Sugar are a leading producer of sugar for the British and Irish food and beverage markets, and repot to process around eight million tonnes of sugar beet each year, producing up to 1.4 million tonnes of sugar.

Joe Hemsley-Rudd, Ellgia’s sales and marketing director said he was “delighted”. “This partnership is a powerful endorsement of the Ellgia brand to showcase our ability to deliver our first class & industry leading complete service,” he said.

UKWSL helps with landfill reduction

A partnership between disability charity Scope and Newark-based waste management broker UKWSL, has seen 98% of the waste generated by its 200 high street retail stores diverted away from landfill.

And, it has achieved a reduction in Scope’s annual waste budget by approximately 15%, UKWSL reports. This equates to approximately 1,300 tonnes of materials being recycled or recovered every year.

UKWSL has helped disability charity Scope divert its waste away from landfill

According to UKWSL, only 54% of local authorities in England currently allow charity shops to dispose of any donations they are unable to sell at civic amenity facilities, and “only 24% of authorities choose to form a partnership with a local charity retailer on their premises”.

Scope signed a long-term contract with UKWSL in 2014 to provide general waste, mixed and glass recycling.

Since the start of the contract, one of the improvements instigated by the Scope retail team has been segregating the un-sellable goods into 3 different waste streams: General, Recycling and WEEE.


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