9 January 2020 by Joshua Doherty

News in brief (09/01/19)

With news on: B&M acquires Ian Wilcox Recycling; Kent AD plant connected to National Grid; WRAP contributes to Chilean Plastics Pact; Homebase partners with Reconomy for landfill targets

Reconomy wins Homebase contract

Homebase has awarded a contract to recycling services provider, Reconomy, to achieve a zero waste to landfill target from 2021.

Reconomy will be targeting zero waste to landfill for Homebase

Alongside the landfill target, the three-year deal will also include “long-term ambitions to achieve net-zero waste and develop a sustainability strategy that supports commercial, social and environmental benefits”.

The contract covers the home improvement and garden retailer’s 168 stores across the UK and Ireland and three distribution centres. It will include providing training and support to its 7,500 employees “on the importance of recycling”.

Homebase’s director of property, procurement and productivity, Sarah Taitt, said: “We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to helping our customers make sustainable choices in their own homes and gardens. By working together with Reconomy, we’ll have a greater impact on the communities in which we operate, as well as our overall environmental contribution.”

Harvey Laud, divisional director of Reconomy, added: “Homebase is one of the UK’s most recognisable and well-liked brands, and we look forward to helping them to develop an increasingly sustainable business.”

Kent AD plant connected to National Grid

A £14 million anaerobic digestion (AD) plant has been connected to the National Grid on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

The Farm Renewables plant in Kent

The plant will produce 500 cubic metres of biomethane per hour, according to Farm Renewables, the company behind the plant.

Now operational, Farm Renewables say the plant will be using 6,000 tonnes of food waste from the local area, along with 15,000 tonnes of maize, 6,000 tonnes of straw and 6,000 tonnes of chicken manure.

Marc Graham, project leader at Privilege Finance, the funding company financing the project, said: “We support projects that enable the development of local circular economies at an appropriate scale, so taking agricultural waste and fruit waste from within the area and using it to produce renewable energy for the National Grid is a perfect fit.”

WRAP contributes to Chilean Plastics Pact

WRAP is partnering with the British Embassy and Chilean “sustainability organisation”, Fundación Chile, to help develop the ‘Chilean Plastics Pact’.

Norah Lewis (centre) and Peter Skelton (right) worked with Fundación Chile and the British Embassy

The resources charity said this work will include organising a series of workshops, assisting the Chilean organisation to develop the initiative.

The Chilean Plastics Pact was launched in July 2019 in Santiago. The workshops and seminars will take place in November 2020 and will provide “technical consultancy support” to Fundación Chile, to help them to grow their membership base.

The Chilean Plastics Pact is being developed in alignment with Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment, along with additional support from the Chilean Ministry of Environment, WRAP explained.

The workshops have received funding from the GREAT campaign, a governmental initiative encouraging organisations to do business and invest in the UK.

B&M acquires Ian Wilcox Recycling

B&M Waste Services has acquired Walsall-based waste management firm Ian Wilcox Recycling which, says B&M, further strengthens its capabilities in the West Midlands.

Staff from Ian Wilcox Recycling were transferred to B&M Waste

The deal marks the second acquisition in the West Midlands for B&M Waste after purchasing AWS Recycling’s trade rounds last summer.

Ian Wilcox, owner of Ian Wilcox Recycling, commented: “Having an ethos of customer service ourselves we felt a natural home for our customers and staff would be in the B&M Waste family.  We are impressed by the new weighing vehicles B&M Waste have invested in ready for the planned July 2020 city vehicle emission limits.”

Mick Ashall, director at B&M Waste Services, added: “This acquisition further strengthens our capabilities in the West Midlands, which we’re immensely proud of.”


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