7 August 2019 by Lucy Pegg

News in brief (07/08/2019)

With news on: WRAP Global gets funding for food waste project in Mexico; Scottish DRS could see 90% litter reduction; East Kent Recycling gets permission for two new sites; and, Magnum launches recycled ice-cream tubs.

WRAP Global gets funding to cut food waste in Mexico

The international branch of the sustainability organisation WRAP has been given $100,000 of funding to lead a project to cut food waste in Mexico.

$100,000 of funding has been given to WRAP Global to help cut food waste in Mexico

The money – which is equivalent to £82,200 – will be used to develop ‘Comprometido con la Comida’, a public-private partnership involving WRAP, Walmart Mexico and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The partnership will bring together the Mexican government and organisations along the food supply chain to measure and reduce food loss and waste and recover surplus produce to sell or donate to those in need.

Claire Kneller, head of food at WRAP Global, said she was delighted to receive the funding.

She added: “The Comprometido con la Comida start-up partnership will complement existing efforts in Mexico and will help to reap economic, social and environmental benefits whilst ensuring that food also gets to those most in need.”

The partnership is modelled on WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment work. The funding was awarded by Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G), an international forum which works to develop public-private partnerships which can help accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scottish DRS ‘needed to tackle litter’

Scotland’s forthcoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) could see over 30,000 plastic bottles vanish from Scotland’s public spaces, according to research by Zero Waste Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland say a DRS will see 30,000 plastic bottles vanish from public spaces

Figures suggest that the 20p deposit will be incentive enough to reduce littering of the included materials by 90%. PET bottles, steel and aluminium cans and glass bottles will be part of the DRS.

Zero Waste Scotland – which is funded by the Scottish government and the European Regional Development Fund – claims that 694 million bottles are used north of the border every year.

Jill Farrell, chief operating officer of Zero Waste Scotland, believed the DRS would make people think twice about dropping their empty bottles.

She said: “Litter isn’t just an eyesore – it also pollutes our environment and seas. And for every bottle littered, more plastic has to be created, generating more planet-damaging emissions.”

However, the figures have been challenged by the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA).

The organisation’s chief executive Martin Kersh, said: “Figures produced in 2014 by Keep Scotland Beautiful reveal all drinks cans and drinks bottles account for 4.4% of Scottish litter. The same survey revealed cigarette related litter accounted for 39.4% of litter and gum 45.1%. We hope ZWS are not ignoring cigarettes and chewing gum litter and avoiding the need for action to address both if littering is to be eradicated.”

East Kent Recycling gets planning permission for new sites

East Kent Recycling has been given planning for two new sites by Kent county council.

The skip hire and waste recycling service will develop an indoor waste sorting plant at Faversham, along with new head offices and staff welfare facilities. This will involve the modernisation of current facilities at the site. In Aylesham a waste sorting and bulking station will be built.

Ky Campion, managing director at East Kent Recycling, said he was pleased the local authority had considered the need for more advanced waste recycling plants in its decision.

He added: “The plans are responsive to a growing demand for waste services and responsible solutions. This is the next step in our growth plan and will provide the opportunity to reduce the environmental impacts of waste generated throughout Kent whilst increasing our capacity.

The developments are expected to lead to new employment opportunities once completed. The expansion plans will now enter the pre-construction stage.

Magnum launches recycled plastic tubs

Ice cream brand Magnum has launched a range of recycled plastic ice-cream tubs.

The brand – which is owned by Unilever – is producing its new packaging from recycled polypropylene (PP) plastic and 600,000 of the tubs are now available across Europe.

They are currently available only in Belgium, Spain and The Netherlands, though Magnum says three million more of the tubs will be launched globally in 2020.

Julien Barraux, vice president of Magnum, said: “Pleasure Seekers can now indulge in signature Magnum luxury with the knowledge that they can play a positive role in reducing the impact of plastics on the environment.

“We are proud to be one of the world’s first food brands to pioneer this ground-breaking technology.”

Unilever has made a global commitment to ensure that at least 25% of its plastic packaging comes from post-consumer recycled content by 2025.


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