11 October 2018 by Daniel Moore

Nestlé Waters rolls out national recycling programme

Nestlé Waters has confirmed that it will be continuing its partnership with recycling charity, Recoup, and environmental education firm, Wastebuster, to deliver an updated recycling programme for schools this year. 

Nestle Waters

Key Stage Level 3 Recycling Education Pack

The ‘R-Generation’ programme will be rolled out nationally to primary and secondary schools in the UK, to help children understand the importance and their responsibilities for protecting the environment, particularly with plastics.

According to Nestlé Waters, the average UK household uses almost 500 plastic bottles per year with just over 280 of them being recycled.

To encourage plastic recycling in particular, the initiative provides school staff teaching Key Stage Level 2 and Key Stage Level 3 access to a range of resources and materials to create “excitement” in the classroom while delivering up-to-date information relevant to “todays students.”

The R-Generation education packs include teacher notes, assembly guides, games, quizzes and fact sheets, designed to “inspire” younger children.

The packs also contain step-by-step instructions on assisting schools with setting up their own recycling infrastructure, which will help educate pupils by making them more environmentally aware, both at home and within their local communities while putting recycling at the top of the schools’ agenda.


Speaking of the national recycling programme, Priya Hamilton, Corporate Communications Manager, Nestlé Waters UK, said: “As a business we are passionate about driving education and encouraging individuals to take action and responsibility to protect the environment through recycling.

“Having launched this initiative in 2016, we are delighted to be continuing to spearhead such an important initiative in driving the recycling agenda. Our commitment to recycling was also reinforced earlier this year, when we announced the roll out of the introduction of recycled plastic to all water bottles produced at our UK site.”

She continued: “As well as the actions we take at a manufacturing level, we believe we also have a major role to play in helping to drive the uptake of recycling in the UK and this latest programme will certainly help address this amongst our youngest generation.”

Anne Hitch, Communications Manager, RECOUP, added: “We are delighted to be able to work with Nestlé Waters UK and Wastebuster on this initiative. Capturing the imagination of young recyclers to encourage plastic recycling is essential for the future in driving a circular economy and long-term sustainability.

“Plastic is a valuable material that can be reused if we only do the right thing with our waste. The tools within the packs give a complete understanding about different types of plastic and I hope they will motivate students and staff to recycle more at school and at home.”

The R-Generation resource packs can be downloaded from RECOUP’s website.

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