24 April 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Murrays takes over disability equipment reuse service

Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children, has announced that Worcestershire-based medical equipment specialists Murrays Medical, will be taking over the running of its equipment recycling service.

The charity set up the ‘Newlifeable’ service – which offers second-hand specialist medical equipment at a reduced rate – in 2014, in response to reports that usable equipment such as wheelchairs, walking aids and pushchairs were being sent to landfill.

Worcestershire-based Murrays Medical has taken over the running of a recycling service for disability equipment

The service also offered buyers a better assurance of quality compared to online marketplaces, the charity said.

Since Newlifeable’s inception, the charity has been working with Murrays to clinically clean and refurbish the donated items to meet “stringent” MRSA standards (as used in NHS). Newlife said it has been selling to families in need at a “reduced, affordable cost”.

Products that can’t be re-sold are broken-down for parts so the raw materials, such as metal or wood, can be recycled.


Under the new arrangement, Murrays will take complete control of the operations of the scheme, with Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children receiving a 10% donation from every sale of the refurbished equipment that will support the core work of the charity.

Commenting on the new deal, Newlife’s chief executive, Sheila Brown said: “In the three years we’ve been running this unique service, we’ve rescued and refurbished many thousands of pieces of specialist equipment from being sent to landfill, proving there’s a clear demand from families, not to mention the far reaching environmental benefits.

“Families in desperate need of equipment, often unable to get it through statutory means, have been able to purchase equipment at an affordable price with peace of mind that it’s fully functioning, clinically clean, safe to use and fit for purpose.

“Having proved the service works, we’re delighted to announce that Murrays will take over the full service supplementing its current offerings.”

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