17 January 2019 by Elizabeth Slow

Monmouthshire to make separate glass collection switch

Residents in Monmouthshire are set to receive a new glass recycling box following a “successful” glass recycling trial of over 6,500 properties which began in 2016.

From 4 March glass bottles and jars will no longer be accepted in recycling bags, but collected fortnightly in the recycling boxes.

Monmouthshire council is rolling out separate glass collections to its residents

The move is designed to improve the quality and value of all recycling in the county, the council said.


Around 45,000 44-litre recycling boxes, manufactured by Coral Products, will be used to collect glass and separate it from the existing commingled collection. The collected glass will be processed at a glass reprocessing plant in Cwmbran – operated by Recresco – rather than through a MRF.

From there glass cullet will be transported to be recycled into fibre glass, new glass bottles and concrete products.


Monmouthshire county council is also purchasing a new fleet of split-back RCVs, from manufacturer NTM, which have a separate compartment specifically for food waste or glass to support the collection changes.

For the majority of households, glass boxes will be collected at the same time as household waste in the new split-back vehicles. Residents in rural areas will have their glass collected on smaller vehicles that can easily navigate the country lanes.

The council will take delivery of seven narrow chassis 18-tonne vehicles, manufactured by Dennis Eagle and three 7.5 tonne vehicles also manufactured by NTM to enable the new service.

As part of the updated service, red and purple bags for recycling will continue to be collected weekly with red bags for card, paper and cartons, and purple for plastic bottles and PTT, and metal cans and tins.

Food waste will also continue to be collected weekly. For most households, food waste and recycling will be collected at the same time but on new vehicles with separate compartments, the council said.

Glass will be collected alongside other materials by new split compartment vehicles from NTM

According to the authority, the new vehicles with separate compartments for materials will deliver “better quality recycling and greater overall efficiencies”.


Commenting on the service change, Cllr Bryan Jones, cabinet member for operations said: ‘The new glass boxes will enable glass to be recycled over and over again and saves the planet’s finite resources. Residents have always risen to the challenge of increasing recycling when we introduce new services, and we are confident they will do so again. I hope that residents continue to recycle and embrace the changes ahead.’

Monmouthshire recorded a recycling rate of 65.8% for 2017/18. The county has a population of over 91,000.

The boxes and information leaflets will be delivered throughout January and into early February.

The recycling trial in 2016 was launched in response to the Welsh Government’s preference for separate collections set out in its collections blueprint (see letsrecycle.com story).


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