31 July 2020 by Caelia Quinault

Mid Devon rolls out new kerbside sort fleet

A new fleet of kerbside sort recycling trucks have started to be rolled out across Mid Devon as part of a ‘green upgrade’.

Ten vehicles, which were scheduled to be upgraded in 2020, have been delivered this month by Ireland-based manufacturer RomaQuip, which specialises in kerbside sort models.

(l-r)Matt Patanden, UK Sales manager at RomaQuip, Jeff Bennett from SFS and Cllr Luke Taylor

The council said that the vehicles would help improve the efficiency of the council’s recycling operation and reduce its impact on the environment.

According to the local authority, the vehicles have been designed to accommodate a greater range and weight in the materials put out by residents. Since the previous fleet was renewed in 2013, Mid Devon said that its residents were ‘recycling more than ever’. 

The council said that although the collection of paper has ‘reduced’, the amount of cardboard and plastic has increased dramatically, pushing recycling rates up to around 55%.

The vehicles feature a hoist and compactor system, allowing for greater weights of cardboard and plastic to be collected than before and over longer distances, reducing the need for return trips to the depot to unload, the council explained.

The trucks are also designed to reduce the noise level when loading glass.

Mid Devon collects a number of materials separately at the kerbside include card and cartons, glass, plastic pots, tubs and trays, cans, paper, food waste and batteries.


Councillor Luke Taylor, Mid Devon council’s lead member for the environment, said: “Not only will the new vehicles collect tonnes of extra recycling covering thousands of miles each year, they’ll also have the potential to reduce our operations impact on the environment, all the while increasing our recycling rates.”

The vehicles have been delivered via the Council’s vehicle supply and maintenance contract with SFS that started in 2019. 

This saw the council join up with Exeter city council to secure a new contract for all its vehicles for the next seven years.

The council said the lorries would reduce maintenance costs, break downs and increase fuel efficiency with the new Euro 6 engines that meet the latest Euro Emission Standards.


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