18 December 2000

Meacher to face committee again as key adviser departs

Environment Minister Michael Meacher is to return to face members of the parliamentary select committee on Thursday supported by his top waste strategy adviser who leaves the job the next day.

Cath Shaw, who has helped mastermind plans for legal targets for recycling by local authorities, is to leave the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions for a post in the Cabinet Office.

The departure of Ms Shaw, seen as a “high flyer”, leaves a hole in the department which now faces much work in shaping the targets for presentation to Parliament.

Mr Meacher received a relatively soft ride from the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee’s sub committee on waste last week when Vic Cocker, the chairman of the Waste Resources Action Programme received the tough questioning from the committee.

Having gained coverage in broadsheet newspapers last week over the way the sub-committee handed Mr Meacher a sack of different household waste materials to comment on, the sub-committee is expected to question the Minister sharply over matters such as the Landfill Tax and environmental bodies.

For a transcript of last week’s activities see: sub-committee


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