11 February 2019

Letsrecycle Live to host ‘Women in Waste’ meeting

Show organisers at Letsrecycle Live have confirmed that they will be holding a ‘Women in Waste’ breakfast networking meeting – sponsored by Suez and supported by the Women Recycling Alliance – at the NAEC, Stoneleigh Park, on Thursday 23 May.

The agenda for the meeting will include how to resolve some of the main issues surrounding gender imbalance and inequality.

The Women’s Recycling Alliance will meet at the Letsrecycle Live show at the NAEC, Stoneleigh

Sarah Sanpher-McDowell, development director at Clearpoint Recycling and founder of the Women’s Recycling Alliance, will open the meeting, which is divided into three sessions covering several topics on professional development.


The first seminar, ‘The Changing Face of Waste’ will look at what has been done to improve gender equality in the workplace and the next steps for the sector, followed by a 40-minute case study and discussion, ‘Flexible Work: Best for Business,’ which will explain why business owners should be retaining and encouraging women to stay and progress within their organisation.

Panelist Claire Nicoll, director at Work Best, told letsrecycle.com: “It’s so important that we work together to find ways to get more women involved in waste management because gender diversity is good for business in so many ways.

“Doing good business is essential if we’re going to see the changes we need to protect the environment and sustain resources for the future.”

The final session, ‘Your Steps to Diversity Success’ will provide practical and professional development by equipping women with the essential tools to build their confidence and put themselves forward in the workplace.

In addition to the three sessions, an interactive workshop will take place in the Oaktree room at 10:45am. The seminar, ‘I Am Me – embracing your uniqueness to get ahead in business without compromising your authenticity’ will be introduced and chaired by Ms Sanpher-McDowell, helping women to discover and reach their “full potential.”


Echoing Ms Nicoll’s earlier statement, Ms Sanpher-McDowell said: “The Women’s Recycling Alliance are delighted to be supporting the Women in Waste event as we share a fundamental passion for attracting more women into our industry, supporting their progression and influence in the sector.”

Sarah Sanpher-McDowall, founder of the Women’s Recycling Alliance, which is supporting the event

She continued: “The Women in Waste and WRA promote the benefits of connecting women in the industry. By uniting recycling companies, manufacturers, the public sector, exporters and re-processors alike, members discuss and debate the challenges they face in an ever-evolving sector with a view to facilitating positive change.”

Those who want to attend the Women in Waste meeting can do so by registering here.

Letsrecycle Live takes place at Stoneleigh Park, five miles south of Coventry, on 22-23 May 2019. For full details and free registration, visit the event website.


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