5 February 2020 by Caelia Quinault

Household metals targeted in EMR trial

Unwanted household metals are being targeted for collection in a trial being run by metal recycling company EMR.

The firm, which has its headquarters in Warrington, announced yesterday (February 4) that it has installed metal collection bins in a shopping centre in the Cheshire town to encourage consumers to recycle their unwanted household metals and raise funds for a local school.

(l-r) Andrew Brady, chief executive of EMR and Ian Cox, Golden Square Shopping Centre director

The move comes after EMR last year urged members of the public to sell their metal directly to recyclers rather than take them to civic amenity sites and generate some income from it (see letsrecycle.com story).

EMR also pointed to research which  indicates that 15% of consumers would be encouraged to recycle more if there were incentives for recycling.


Launched in partnership with Golden Square shopping centre in Warrington and landowner JLL, the trial enables visitors to drop off common waste metal items – such as copper piping, pots and pans, food and drink cans, radiators, garden tools and more – for recycling at three collection bins in the shopping centre.

At the end of the trial period, all collected metals will be weighed in at a local EMR depot with the total value of the metal to be donated to a local school.

The initiative builds upon EMR’s ‘Recyclabots’ schools programme, launched last year in partnership with Currys PC World (see letsrecycle.com story), which teaches children about the benefits of recycling while rewarding schools for recycling old tech and metal waste through the programme.


EMR UK chief executive, Andrew Brady commented: “As a Waste to Wealth Champion for Business in the Community, EMR is committed to improving resource reusability and eliminating avoidable waste in local communities. The metal collection bins at Golden Square shopping centre in Warrington will make it easier and more convenient for consumers to recycle their end of life metals.”

Mr Brady added that he hoped the scheme would encourage more people to recycle metal.

He commented: “We’re proud to be supporting local schools through this trial scheme and hope that the initiative will encourage consumers to recycle more metals – not only to reduce the environmental impact on a global scale, but to do good in the local community.”

Golden Square Shopping Centre Director, Ian Cox said: “Recycling is a huge part of our ongoing commitment to improving the local environment and this is the perfect project in which to directly work with our shoppers to achieve this.”

The scheme has been developed in response to the ‘Waste to Wealth Initiative’ by Business in the Community, The Prince’s Responsible Business Network.

EMR and JLL are two of seven Waste to Wealth Champions committed to identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions to avoid catastrophic climate change and restore the health of our environment.


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