6 November 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Hitting WEEE targets ‘becoming more difficult’

VIDEO REPORT: The UK will continuously miss its targets for the collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) without “more investment” in the recycling sector. 

The investment warning comes from Peter Hunt, chairman of the Wastecare Group, who has expressed concern in an interview with letsrecycle.com over the UK’s ability to hit its WEEE targets.

Peter Hunt was discussing the WEEE market with letsrecycle.com (full video below)

The latest WEEE collection statistics for the second quarter of 2018, released in September, show that the tonnage of WEEE collected between April and June this year is still behind the target.

Overall, the amount collected in the quarter was also 3,056 tonnes down from the same quarter in 2017, leading to concerns as to whether the targets will be met.


Mr Hunt says the UK could fall behind other European countries if changes are not made.

“I think it is going to get more difficult [to hit the targets],” he explained.

The Wastecare Group chairman added: “After several years of positive trends we certainly, over the last few years, have seen that turn, and I am concerned that without the investment in the recycling sector we are going to start missing the targets. Britain has risen to about eighth in Europe and we’re going to slide down quite quickly if we don’t make changes and we have to really look at the regulation before we go any further.”


Commenting on the regulations, Mr Hunt added that the current system is not “fit for purpose” and also expressed further concern that the UK will actually recycle less in the future

  • You can listen to the full interview with Peter Hunt, who also speaks about the Wastecare group and more about the targets, in the video interview with Joshua Doherty below.

The Wastecare Group handles a variety of different waste streams, including in the waste electrical sector, from municipal, commercial, retail and industrial sources across the UK. It was founded in 1980 and has more than 400 employees.


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