12 August 2019 by Will Date

Government funding supports development in plastics

VIDEO REPORT: Ten projects have been offered funding from UK Research Innovation (UKRI) and Sky Ocean Ventures to find ways to tackle plastic waste.

These include initiatives to create alternatives to plastic bottles, cosmetic beads and synthetic materials, as part of a wider effort to challenge single-use plastics and encourage consumers to reuse and recycle products.

Funding has come from UKRI and Sky Ocean Rescue

The announcement follows a commitment by government to provide up to £60 million in funding for ‘innovative solutions’ to plastic waste in December 2018 (see letsrecycle.com story).


Among those to have been awarded in the latest tranche of funding is Bath-based Naturbeads, which is developing a biodegradable alternative to microplastic beads found in cosmetics. London company Petit-Pli has also been awarded funding for baby clothes that grow with the wearer.

Commenting on the funding award, Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom, said: “Consumers have shown they are keen for green and we’re committed to championing those innovative companies that lead the way in this, protecting the planet while at the same time opening up huge opportunities for the UK economy.”

Nick Cliffe, head of advanced materials at Innovate UK – which is a part of UKRI – spoke to letsrecycle.com about some of the organisation’s work to help fund development in plastics, through the Plastics Research and Innovate Fund (PRIF) as well as more of the projects to have received government funding.

The full interview can be seen below.

Nick Cliffe of Innovate UK discusses funding for plastics projects from letsrecycle.com on Vimeo.


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