17 August 2020 by Steve Eminton

Global giant ANDRITZ unveils latest ADuro shredder

ANDRITZ is a global name in four key industrial sectors, providing large scale engineering solutions as well as equipment and machinery for small and medium sized enterprises.

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, its focus of activity is in waste and recycling sector as well as the pulp and paper sector, metal working and steel industries as well as in hydropower and solid/liquid separation.

Founded nearly 170 years ago, ANDRITZ has almost 27,8000 employees working form 280 locations in 40 countries.

Of particular relevance to the recycling sector is its work in biomass, pulp and panelboard. ANDRITZ explains that on the pulp and paper front it operators a programme of continuous research and development activities which focus on “supporting customers to achieve sustainable production with higher capacities as well as higher energy efficiency and at the same time minimising the consumption of energy, chemicals, and water.” And, new technologies concentrate on the by-products of pulp production and on creating green energy.

ANDRITZ products include the ADuro S 3200 shredder

The company runs its own research facilities and pilot plants so that performance tests and analyses of different product characteristics can be carried out and processes continuously developed.

The scope of ANDRITZ’s involvement in the paper sector is reflected in the announcement last month that it had received the final acceptance certificate from China’s Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry Co for its chemi-thermo-mechanical pulping system at Yancheng, Dafeng, north of Shanghai.

The pulping system is said to be the largest in the and uses ANDRITZ “well-proven P-RC APMP (Pre-Conditioning Refiner Chemical Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp) technology to ensure optimum pulp quality in terms of high bulk and low shive content at lowest energy consumption and highest availability. The system processes eucalyptus wood chips for the production of folding boxboard (specifically coated ivory board), and consists of the world’s largest single P-RC APMP fiberline with a capacity of 1,500 admt/d and a second fiberline with a capacity of 750 admt/d.”

ADuro shredders

For the UK, part of ANDRITZ focus now is the launch of equipment which can serve a variety of waste and recycling markets in the form of its ADuro shredder lines. ANDRITZ Recycling offers complete recycling lines and plants, including single equipment units such as shredders.

In May this year the company unveiled its ADuro product line which it sees as a “new and innovative line of recycling shredders for primary and secondary shredding, fine granulation, and for breaking up material composites.”

The company says that ADuro shredders have high durability and are perfectly suited to processing almost all raw materials in the recycling industry. “They can be installed easily in existing facilities, thus keeping shutdown times during installation to a minimum.”

Various service features are part of the ADuro range

Released in July 2020, the latest member of the ADuro product family is the ADuro S, a compact single shaft, secondary shredder with an “extra robust design”. It has a rotor length of 3,200 mm and some unique design features, notes ANDRITZ. “The machine is a powerful tool for shredding refuse-derived fuels and municipal solid waste as well as commercial or industrial waste.”

“The ADuro brand name reflects our strong focus on R&D and stands for a continuously enhanced shredder design with ‘Internet of Things’ features to achieve the optimum operating point,” says Michael Waupotitsch, vice president of ANDRITZ Recycling. “The automation tools can be tailored to individual customer needs and provide powerful capabilities to monitor machine behavior and improve plant reliability.”
The ADuro S is a single shaft shredder with a rotor width of up to 3,200 mm and capable of handling very large capacities, thus ideal for processing waste streams, like Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as well as commercial and industrial waste.


With a modular design, the ADuro S can be equipped with three different rotor types, thus tailored to meet individual customer requirements with regard to input material, throughput, and energy consumption. The machine features an innovative clamping mechanism that eliminates the need of time-consuming welding or grinding in case a knife holder needs to be changed, says the company.

To accommodate different types and thicknesses of input material, the cutting gap can be safely adjusted in service mode without stopping and opening the machine, explains ANDRITZ. “To further optimize availability and maintenance costs, the machine is equipped with an intelligent pusher control. A rotor cooling system can be installed as technological add-on.”

“The ADuro S shredder is an excellent, compact machine with a robust design and comes with some very effective new features to help our customers run their plants much more efficiently,” explains Thomas Gemeiner, director of global product management and after sales service, ANDRITZ Recycling.

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