1 April 2021 by James Langley

Fletchers Waste unveils ‘inflatable skip’

Sheffield-based Fletchers Waste Management today (1 April) launched the “world’s first” inflatable skip, which the company announced can be flat-packed and sent through the post.

The InflataSkip is made from flexible PVC and has an electric pump built into it for inflation. The “revolutionary” product will be available first to those looking to hire skips in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Fletchers says.

[Editor’s note: The InflataSkip is a great idea but, just in case there is more belief in this than expected and to avoid misunderstandings: This item was published on 1 April 2021 when the UK celebrates April Fool’s Day]


The company said in its 1st April announcement: “We’ve worked with the finest minds in British engineering to develop material that is both flexible and incredibly durable.

“Combining the quality control used by …..   manufacturers and ultimate tensile testing, when inflated to full pressure the InflataSkip can withstand the impact of five Bugatti Veyrons travelling at full speed at any one time.

“The Inflata-Skip can withstand the impact of five Bugatti Veyrons travelling at full speed at any one time”

Fletchers Waste Management

“Made with significant enhancements to the PVC used in inflatable hot tubs, you can rest assured that the InflataSkip will hold its ground for any clearance job required.”

Delivering the skip through the post saves on the costs of transport and fuel, Fletchers says, making it “cost-effective” and preventing emissions by reducing the number of skip wagons out on the road.

The company says its ability to use postal services for delivery means it has greater capacity for collections. Customers therefore get an unlimited hire period on the InflataSkip.


To hire an InflataSkip, customers should place an order on the Fletchers Waste Management website. Fletchers dispatches the skip through the post, which once delivered can be inflated to full-size using the in-built pump.

Customers can then place the skip in their drive to be filled with most kinds of waste as normal. Once a customer is finished with the InflataSkip, Fletchers come to collect it.

Fletchers specialises in skip hire and nationwide waste management solutions for domestic and commercial clients across the UK.


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