4 January 2019 by Elizabeth Slow

Fire services monitoring Envar Composting fire

Fire services are continuing to monitor a fire at Envar Composting in Cambridgeshire which has been ongoing since New Year’s Eve (31 December).

The fire started at the Envar Composting site in Huntingdon on 31 December (Picture: Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service)

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service was initially called to the site in Somersham Road, Huntingdon, at 6pm on 31 December to what was described as “a large muck heap on fire”. It has since confirmed that the fire is not in an enclosed area of the site.

The Fire Service said that at that time “no action was required” instead it liaised with on-site staff and made regular inspections on the site.

However, a spokesperson confirmed that on Wednesday (2 January) the Fire Service increased its presence on site “as the fire developed”.

And, in an update today (4 January) the spokesperson said that the material is still on fire. “On site staff are continuing to work to break up the heap and create fire breaks,” she added.

‘Thick smoke’

The fire resulted in a road closure near the site due to the “thick smoke” – it has since been reopened. Those living in the area around the site were advised to close their doors and windows due to the “odour and smoke” from the fire.

Envar Composting says its flagship site in Cambridgeshire is the UK’s largest waste in-vessel and windrow composting facility, currently processing 105,000 tonnes per annum. The facility produces PAS100 and CQP certified soil conditioner through the processing of green waste, food waste, commingled food and green waste, and specific organic waste.

On site staff are continuing to tackle the blaze (Picture: Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue)


Last year, the company made an application to the Environment Agency for a major expansion of the facility to handle other organics such as organics residues from MBT plants (see letsrecycle.com story).

The Agency granted permission for the permit variation in December.

When contacted by letsrecycle.com, FGS Organics, the company which owns Envar Composting, was unavailable for comment.


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