10 September 2019 by Lucy Pegg

Fire at Amey’s Waterbeach site extinguished

A “large, well developed fire” which broke out in a storage area at Amey’s Waterbeach Waste Management Park in Cambridgeshire on Sunday (8 September) has now been put out by the and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Crews were called to the blaze on the Ely Road site at 12.08 on Sunday. The Fire Service confirmed that the fire was “fully out” on Monday evening and firefighters have left the scene.

Material on fire at the Waterbeach site

Amey’s 400-acre Waterbeach waste management park is around three miles north of Cambridge. The facility houses a range of waste processes and technologies, including recycling, composting, landfill and mechanical biological treatment. The site was built as part of a 28-year contract signed in 2008 between Cambridgeshire county council and Amey to handle waste on behalf of the county.


Sunday’s incident involved household waste and took place in the site’s holding area. No injuries were reported and the cause has been described as ‘accidental’.

An Amey spokesperson said: “The Fire Brigade and our teams moved quickly to contain the fire, and we worked closely with the Environment Agency to control and monitor the situation.

“The fire has now been extinguished and we are in the process of returning the site to normal operations.”


“Thanks to the quick and diligent response by the Fire Brigade and our team on site, the fire has now been extinguished and we are in the process of returning the site to normal operations.”

The Fire Service had kept one crew at Waterbeach to work with on-site staff until late on Monday when the fire was put out.


A spokesperson from the fire service said: “Crews have been carrying out regular inspections of the fire to ensure it is burning out in a controlled way.

“Inspections will continue to take place until the fire is fully extinguished.”

They added: “The smoke being generated is not impacting the roads nearby. Residents nearby should continue to keep doors and windows closed if the smoke is effecting them.”

On Sunday local motorists had been warned that smoke from the fire could affect the A10 road nearby and had been told to drive cautiously in the area.

After arriving at the site firefighters had been “damping the area down and allowing it to burn out in a controlled way”. It was expected that the fire would continue to burn for the “next few days”.

Amey also reminded residents that lithium batteries from phones and laptops should not be disposed of with residual waste.


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